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To laugh! Selena Gomez confessed that she taught the meaning of WAP to Steve Martin and Martin Short

USA-. The difference in generations of Selena Gomez with Steve Martin and Martin Short It was not a problem for the actress to develop an excellent relationship with the comedian duo during the recordings of the new series of Hulu Only Murders in the Building. Above all because Gomez He took the opportunity to teach his classmates some concepts that “young people use.”

During an interview Shorts confessed that Gomez I teach him the meaning of WAP, the collaboration between Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion which became all the rage last year. The actor began by praising the singer, remembering the day he met her. “She was in the makeup chair… and I immediately realized within five minutes that she was fabulous, fun, loose and wanted the set to be the way we all ideally wanted it to be,” he commented.

Then Shorts the anecdote escaped him as he recounted how much fun they had on the set. “I think every time the three of us went back to our little waiting area, we read the news on each other’s phones and laughed, and, you know, she tells Steve the lyrics of ‘WAP’“, said Shorts, referring to the song as WAP, that is, by spelling it instead of saying it correctly.

“Why did you say WAP? It’s WAP ”, he interrupted Gomez, and confirmed that he taught her the meaning, which is an acronym for “wet-ass pussy.” When Shorts he asked why he couldn’t say it like that Martin and Gomez they mocked him and told him that “this is not how young people say it.” As to Martin he joked and said he knew the meaning of WAP “Years ago.” Short is 71, Martin 76 and Gomez 29.

This is not the only phrase used by centennials that Gomez had to teach his classmates. “There was a line in the script that said, ‘She’s a OG‘. And Steve came over and said, ‘Can anybody tell me what OG means?’ I started to die laughing ”, confessed the actress. Only murders in the building is now available on the platform Hulu; Every Monday a new chapter will be released with a formula that promises to make people laugh.

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