To listen to the tv on July 6, 2020: The young Montalbano wins, Canale5 disappear


The young Montalbano 20,45%, Made in the South 8,32%, and There was a time in America 8,07%

In anticipation of the presentation of the lists, and in the fall to continue his summer performances for the network’s flagship general. And so yesterday evening, on Monday, the 6th of July, the replication of the The young Montalbano in the Rai1 he has won the race for viewers from the tv to the recording of the 20,45% of the share in the media, with 3,894 million people. Seven days ago, the same as that of the fiction, we took this to the 22,28%, and 4,353 million).

In the second place, Made in the South in rai-2, l’, 8,32%, and 1,575 million italians connected to. On Monday, the program hosted by Stefano De Martino e Fatima Trotti, brought it to the house, and the 7,40%), and 1,411 million.

A Bronze medal for the Rai3 the film There was a time in America to celebrate the demise of the Ennio Morriconethey made it to the 8,07, and 1,392 million).

The viewers of the other programs

The evil in the movie Baaria in the Canale5 with 8.25 percent and 1,383 million for the contacts. The film Giuseppe Tornatore over the years, it was done by 15.6% and by 3.4 million, as of November 15, 2011, from 13.8% to 3.3 million as at February 26, 2013, a decline of 15.7%, and 3.5 million on January 24, 2014, an increase of 10.7 per cent and 2.1 million at November 2, 2014. In the years following the film will be screened at the Tg4.

The channel Nine the film Ghost he had a 3.2% share in the media, with 605 billion viewers, beating out La7 it was in the movie The missionwith the music of Morricone, which was 2.3 per cent, and 418 thousand contacts.

During the day, it’s an ugly debut for the gameshow Stay-at-home-and win with Costantino della Gherardesca in the Rai2there is picked up in the 3% – to-14. Cala also In the mornings, in the Tv8with an average of 0.86%.

Charles G. Lanzi

(In the photo the Young Montalbano)