To mark Cristiano Ronaldo was very easy


Mexico city /

Mauro Camoranesi, a former player of the Juventus, Cruz Azul, and the selection of Italy champion in Germany 2006, he mentioned that -during his career – he got to make to many extremes, however, said that-among all of them – one of the easiest was Cristiano Ronaldo.

“I say that I knew, not for being the Champion of the World, but have played against it. A Christian is not you I came to paste, but it was easy to play against him,” the argentine said

And he added: “When we play in the Selection the only thing I did was throw it long and the double step, the thing of it was the speed, playing against the band, and you know that had to accompany”

In this sense, Camoranesi mentioned that Franck Ribery but -in particular- Lionel Messiwere the players more complicated than faced, stressing that her fellow-countryman is a genuine crack.

“I came to confront Messi. If you are stuck? Is that not arrived, there is a crack that dwarf. It was (Ribery) one of the that I more complicated. I had a lot of fantasy in tight spaces, always wanted the ball.”