To present the leaked design of the Galaxy Note 20, without perforation


In a video ad, it’s a smartphone with a full-screen, without the punch hole, and a notch appears. This could be that the Galaxy Note series 20?

Samsung already started Flagship his latest, Samsung Galaxy S20 series some time ago. In General, in the same year, the South Korean company of a product line release Flagship again, the series note.

Rumors about the presence of the Galaxy Note 20, roles in the virtual world. If you still follow the release schedule of Samsung, as usual, then smartphone this is expected to be present in August. Also the rumor even talks about the design, in the possession of the note, the 20-series.

Prior rendering in the face of LetsGoDigital and YouTuber concept Creator shows that this device will provide you with the exact same design as the Galaxy S20. Rendering shows that the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will have a camera punch-hole is located in the middle part of the upper edge of the screen.

But it seems the rumor was indirectly rejected by Samsung. Reporting of BGR (28/3), it seems that Samsung might accidentally show a mobile phone with full-screen without notch or punch-hole. The leak was contained in a promotional video of the Samsung AIR Conditioner that is on YouTube was uploaded, on March 25.

In the video, Samsung showed the device with a new air CONDITIONING system, can be controlled smartphone by SmartThings. Instead, allih with Galaxy S20-series or Galaxy Note 10, smartphone by the model in the ad has no punch-hole and Score.

To note, the Galaxy S20 Series use punch-hole right in the center of the top on the screen of his mobile phones. While The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Series also use punch-holeexactly in the same position. The existence of smartphone without punch-hole indicates whether the device was a Galaxy S20 series, or the Note-10-series.

In fact, there are several possibilities. Firstly, the possibility of smartphone in the ad, not smartphone commercial Samsung. There is no guarantee that the device was really.

Secondly, there is also the possibility that this advertising at once, in a short snippet, like Samsung-galaxy-note 20 of the very highest present. Because so far there were no rumors that the South Korean company, that is, the remove notch or punch-hole in Flagship latest.

It is still too early to guess how the design will be brought, Galaxy Note 20 later. Maybe in a few weeks or months into the future, leaked-the leaked new is revealed leaked the more, to show the design Flagship latest Samsung it is.