To prevent the spread of the Corona, All the Twitter employees are Required to from home


TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The plague of the corona, the more widespread a Twitter should be a special policy.

The company has its headquarters in San Francisco, California, United States of America ordered all its employees to work from home.

Not only Twitter employees in the United States, but all of the employees in the world, better contract staff, freelance, or permanent. The Directive was announced on Twitter via his official blog.

“Our most important priority is the health and safety of our employees. We would like to inform that the employees of Twitter around the world have to work from home,” said the Twitter party.

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In addition, Twitter is also all of the additional costs of the employees during their work from home.sports

An example of the costs for the construction of the room is working and the computer device, additional costs for child care (daycare).

Twitter also opened #flock talk for employees who want to ease the strain on their heart problems or the fear that they struck in connection with the outbreak of the corona virus.

Policy latest Twitter this add to anticipate the list of enterprise technologies, through which the employees can work from home as a trial, that the spread of the outbreak of the corona virus.

As a compiled KompasTekno from TheVerge, Friday (13/3/2020), some of the companies, the other giants like Facebook, Amazon, Lyft, Apple, Google had to work first, his staff invited home.

However, in contrast to Twitter, some of these companies, such as Amazon and Google, simply the guidelines of the work-from-home in the course apply not distributed, aka evenly Global.

Earlier, Twitter is also only “suspected” of thousands of its employees to work from home. A number of employees at the headquarters of Twitter in San Francisco, even mengantor, since some of the work referred to, do the less-than-ideal from the distance.

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