To prevent the spread of the Corona Can Now be Go Pokemon Played from home


PANDEMIC corona to increase the virus continues to be the advised the public to avoid activities in public areas, especially the middle-the middle of the crowd.

Depends on the developer of the Pokemon are Going to do a little change to the game is phenomenal. The goal is that can be played from home.

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The previous Pokemon games Go, you need the players get to get outside of the house the new pokemon (photo: pixabay/stux)

Pokemon Go own essence is a game that asks the player to get out of the house to certain places, with new pokemon to seize, or the gym belongs to the other team.

But, because of the spread of the corona virus, which is always widely used, Niantic, as the developers need to change it to some game mechanics. With the goal that the player can still play, Pokemon Go, although only in the house, up to a certain limit.

Quoted from the page ubergizmo, the changes made by the developer against the pokemon Go, one of them by increasing the amount of habitat of the new pokemon, so the player can find pokemon, although they are in the house.

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In addition, Niantic discount price item type-incense of 99%, so that the player can use the item to improve the appearance of the pokemon in the vicinity. Including the increase in the duration of the article is in an hour.

Niantic said, if changes to the game mechanics of Pokemon, is only temporarily, until the situation is due to virus corona in control (photo: pixabay/mimzy)

Not there, Niantic, also reduce needed the distance to incubate the eggs with the half, it’s certainly very easy for the players.

It should be noted, however, such changes are only temporary, and Niantic own will back, the game mechanics of the normal conditions, if the spread of the corona-has ceased to be a virus, or the situation back to normal.

In his official blog, Niantic specified, if you make these changes, based on the situation of global health. Niantic also invites the player to make a decision, to do your objectives, as well as what is, for the sake of your health and the health of the people in the vicinity. (Ryn)

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