To prevent the spread of the Corona Virus, Niantic a Special Feature is Ready to Go in Pokemon


Previously, Pokemon also the coming of a characteristic that there is a reasonable likelihood, namely the fight between the players to Go. But it was still limited by the distance and level of friendship.

Today, Niantic announced it is the elimination of these restrictions would be. Quoted from Phone ArenaSunday (2/2/2020), the developer finally has the opportunity players Pokemon to Go around the world against each other.

Function called Go Battle League this pairing players in a PvP fight (player vs. player), regardless of the location. Even if Niantic open this function, there are several prerequisites need to access to do players to be able to it.

So, five of the first Episode is free for all players, but the next player needs to get to walk about five miles to a chance to fight back. Alternatively, the player can use PokeCoins.

This new feature, according to Niantic, is introduced. Therefore, not all of the players, the Pokemon Switch can directly download.

The winner of this League will a number of gifts, such as stardust, candy, and a number of items that the player can help in the fight.