To Reach out to game developers to Easily 60 FPS on the PlayStation 5, Steady!


Logo PlayStation 5. (Sony) – The war of game consoles in a new sheet with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox series X. the game developers had come to get them.

Quotes from TweakTownConsoles , this new game to reach more easily a performance of 60 FPS. Numbers, which is not easily accomplished in earlier generations.

Flying Wild Hog, developers of the game Shadow Warrior 2 give a small insight into the new game console in development of a game AAA.

In an interview with Wccftech, the CEO of Flying Wild Hog, Michal Szustak revealed that the new gaming console, it will be easy to the performance to 60 FPS.

It seems, Michal Szustak very concerned 60 FPS, even your silence to play the game, if below 60 FPS, except for The nd of Zelda, breath of the Wilderness in the Nintendo switch.

Figure PlayStation Controller. (PlayStation)
Figure PlayStation Controller. (PlayStation)

So for us, because we are working on the game, we feel super happy to deliver because it is easier 60 FPS,” said Hog, the CEO of Flying Wild.

I am a gamer of the old school, so with 60 FPS is important for the course, I was very excited. In relation to the kesultan the game, I think the new generation will make it much easier“he went on.

Game developers, this estimate is a small problem compared to the current generation. Not only because of the game engine, but also about her experiences.

We are ready to make a game for the next generation,” said Michal Szustak.

Xbox Series X (Microsoft)
Xbox Series X (Microsoft)

As is known, the the game comfortable in 60 FPS like the PC. Some of the games on the consoles of the previous generation stuck at 30 FPS.

However, with the advent of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox-series X-powered-that’s what makes the games-to provide developers easier and 60 FPS.