To Say ready, ready, good-bye on the Features of the Google assistant on This One

161 – As is known, is the Google wizard with the voice of celebrities. They are, however, to adopt ready-ready to to the fun features of this.

Cameo-Assistant by Google-the legend of John, the first debut in April of 2019, becoming the first celebrity, who lends his voice to the device to Google on around the world.

The delicate tones of the singer is a big hit among the fans. Unfortunately, although Google says that option is only temporary, you do not enter the expiration date.

The page reported PhonearenaSunday (8/3/2020), but now the creators of Pixel has just announced a fun feature in Google Assistant this is lost 23.March.

After less than a year, the sound of the first celebrities in the Google-wizard lost. This is said, according to the initial plan, in the Google, that, if these functions are not permanent.

John Legend in Bali. (
John Legend in Bali. (

Google also led the celebrity-both from the actress and producer Issa Rae in October. His voice is still, for now, but we think that his voice is gone in six months.

You miss the sound of the Legendary or not, the good news is that Google will continue to do so, all of you, the first commit. Only with the robot voice a lot more.