To Share Facebook-study stories, the Directly on Instagram


Earlier, last year, WhatsApp also known, a function to share the allows users, status of WhatsApp with other apps test.

As quoted Tekno from The VergeOn Thursday (27/6/2019), the user program WhatsApp beta the sharing options status of the app, the other can try it out.

The user can later WhatsApp share status directly to Facebook-history or other apps like Instagram, Gmail, or Google photos.

For your information, the WhatsApp-Status of a service similar to Instagram stories. The user can lost upload photos or short videos in WhatsApp Status, then within 24 hours.

Not to share even though there is a direct link, WhatsApp status on Facebook, mention the WhatsApp that you do everything possible to link the account a second user service.

WhatsApp said, put them on the FIRE to share the data to iOS and Android for the link status on one application with another application. As a result, the transfer of data between applications on the device.

More, WhatsApp is emphasized, even if the user of the status of the service Instagram, the two uploads remain so different things in the system Facebook. You will not be connected.

In addition, there is no option to WhatsApp-distributed status automatically to the other services. Party WhatsApp calls, you want the user to decide to share on their own, WhatsApp status to other services.