To stop the coronavirus, at least six out of every 10 should stay at home: UdeG


To contain the spread of the COVID-19 in Jalisco claim that at least six out of every 10 jaliscienses remain at home during the period of isolation.

The University of Guadalajara (UdeG) reported that it is vital to abide by the extent to which the cases are stable and the hospital care did not collapse.

The house of studies made a projection on the cases to the 19 of April (estimated date of closure to the isolation, before the federal Government increased at day 30): if four of every 10 inhabitants of the State are at home, there would be a between thousand and 514 thousand 718 patients.

However, if there are eight of each 10, the estimate is that only 14 new cases already diagnosed. Up until yesterday were 94; four of them, asymptomatic.

If the population does not adhere to the insulation, would be between 46 thousand and 59 thousand cases and, in consequence, a serious problem of care in the hospitals of the Entity.

The rector of the UdeG, Ricardo Villanueva, said that in the early days of isolation (from 20 to 24 march) achieved the best-case scenario: 80% at home. But in later days, only 40% complied with the measure.

Ask the citizens not to spread rumours of curfew

The Government of Jalisco and the Municipality of Zapopan asked the citizens not to believe or spread the messages that are disseminated through social networks on a supposed curfew.

Both instances reported that, up to now, there is no indication that it would ask the security forces that enforce a curfew; that is to say, that citizens are forced to stay in his home.

Since the end of the week, through applications such as WhatsApp started to move a clip in which a man claims that “sources close to the mayor Paul Lemus Navarro” claim that will be established the restrictive measure.

It calls to those who will listen that “to prevent and to buy everything needed, since all business must close”. None of that is true.

The authorities insisted on not sharing chains of unverified information, because they only generate panic among the population. In addition, this can cause they are in short supply, without necessity, commodity, and food for the rest of the citizenry.

SPECIAL Basilica of Zapopan

The Basilica of Zapopan closes its doors until further notice

The 10 days that the Basilica of Zapopan closed its doors to decrease the risk of transmission of coronavirus is extended until further notice, reported the spokesman of the worship space, Armando Luna. The measure will have an impact on the masses face-to-face, as these will be cancelled, although it was reported that yes will be homilies, all the days, through the page Facebook “Basilica of Zapopan”. On average, 10 thousand worshippers visit the temple per day.


In a pandemic, nothing is exaggerated

Eduardo Rodriguez Noriega (Chief of infectious diseases at the Hospital Civil Fray Antonio Alcalde)

The people that need to get out of your house necessarily to work, despite the contingency by coronavirus, should take extra precautions. Especially if they use public transport or go through crowded places, explained the expert. In addition to the constant washing of hands, use hand sanitizer and avoid touching the face, the Centre for Infectious Diseases of China itself recommends the use of face cloths.

“Sick people should stay in their homes and, if they have contact with other people, you should use the mask. Although they are in your house.”

He stressed that those who do not have the urgent need to get out they should stay at home, because it is the only measure to contain the rate of spread of the COVID-19. And added that, when you return to your home after work, they should return to wash hands thoroughly, change clothes and footwear.

With respect to what should be done with the products that are bought in markets or shops, he said that can be disinfected with alcohol or soap and water, dispose of the shopping bags and washing hands constantly.

It is also necessary to apply tests of bulk to identify carriers without symptoms, then when not having disturbances represent an important source of contagion.


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