To the hilt Gigi Hadid defends his sweetie Zayn Malik and call it heroin


It all happened because of the internet, when the influencer Jake Paul attacked Zayn in Twitterto say that he had been treated badly without reason: “I Almost had to applaud him to Zane (sic) One Direction because he is small and has an attitude, basically told me to go to my***for no reason when I was being friendly with him.”

So were the tweets between Jake, Paul and Gigi Hadid.

Jake sent you a direct message to the ex One Direction: Zane (sic) if you’re reading this… stop being angry because you got only of home to your hotel room”. But the thing did not end there, he still wrote that “brother, literally started yelling and going crazy: ‘I Want to prove myself a friend!’ (you said). I feel bad for the star of childhood”.

Though Zayne has not made any kind of comment, it was his girlfriend Gigi Hadid tasked to cope with the situation and without hesitation you replied to Paul in such a way that in social networks there was a reaction more than favorable to her. The people began to call her a heroine for defending her prince charming.