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The United States Of America.- The model and actress, Ahley Bensonshared account Instagram a series of photos of the a funny trip what he has done Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and Rachel Korine the Berlin the film Spring Breakersthey are the protagonists.

Ezra taft Benson celebrated his seventh birthday anniversary of her trip to Berlin with Gomez, Hudgens, and Korine, in which we all languish, while at the same time, the reason why Rachel was not able to get out of his hotel room and was unable to be present for the red carpet.

In 2012, the four girls have started the recordings for the movie Spring Breakersthat was released in 2013 around the world, and they have traveled to most of the countries, the people and the red carpet, but it looks like his visit to Germany, was one of the best and an unforgettable one.

He told me that even though it is not very well, and one of them is to lose function, and the rest of it went pretty well.

Seven years ago today, we flew to Berlin for the premiere of #springbreakers. All of us sick at a time, and this is the night @rachel’s.korine was arrested in his hotel room and had to miss the premiere. The one we welcome,” he wrote on Ashley’s shoulders.

The publication of the souvenir have already reached more than a million-a 29-a total of 452 thousand ‘likes’, and thousands of thousands of comments, such as:

I feel the lack of it, along with Selena, they were crazy”.

No stranger to the computer.”

It has been about 7 years from now? In what kind of world?”.

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