Tobey Maguire explains that he got a new interest in acting thanks to Spider-Man: No Way Home!

A few days ago, the film’s official artbook was released in the US, including a large amount of discarded concept art, concept art, and preliminary ideas that the creative team took into account during development. The volume also contains statements Tobey Maguirewho, speaking of his experience on set, said:

When they called me, I exclaimed: “Finally! I was ready to do it right away. Of course, not without excitement “how will the film be? what kind of experience will that be? But the thought of meeting wonderful, creative and talented people to play together made me think, “Yeah, let’s do it!”. It was really fun and exciting.

The actor then added that the experience on set has given him a new interest in acting:

Working with Andrew and Tom was special. a really rich experience that rekindled my interest in acting. It felt like a real brotherly bond, which is exactly what we were aiming for, both for us and for our characters. We had a very specific dynamic, we felt a deep connection and so much love, we had fun and laughed a lot – it energized me and invigorated me!

Not surprisingly, Maguire himself always explained that he for getting back into Spider-Manboth for other films and for simple cameos in future projects.

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