Today, birthday Dwayne Johnson: five films on streaming to celebrate – Tvshow – 02/05/2020


With all that muscle mass and a past as a fighter of catch, the bias indicated that Dwayne Johnson —who used to serve as The Rock in his time of titan, the ring was not going to be more than an exhibition hiker muscle fiber. And, once more, the prejudice is wrong: Johnson became the biggest movie star of the TWENTY-first century.

This is certified with figures: in August of last year, according to an article in Business Insider, his filmography had accumulated at the box office, 10,000 million dollars. To that we must add the 795 million made Jumanji: The next level, another bump in box office.

One of the reasons for its success, besides the fact that the movies were born to be blockbusters, is that Johnson has an ethical relentless: from his debut in cinema in 2001 as the king Scorpion in The Mummy returns she has worked in 30 films. To this we must add series, his projects as a producer and all of their business in the world of wrestling, the item family which has never neglected. It is a machine of work.

Currently has three franchises in operation (Fast and furious and their derivatives; Jumanji and San Andreas) and several in potency as a Jungle Cruise and Doc Savage, where he plays heroes of those that pay more than a movie.

With the weak excuse that today is 48 years old, go here for a review of some of the films more or less prominent Johnson walk, in the back on the streaming services. His filmography, that yes, includes a lot of disposable material that here, we did everything possible to prevent. It was not easy.

The scorpion king (2002)

After you have earned a place of legend in the circuit of professional wrestling, Johnson knows how to get noticed. Therefore, his secondary role in The mummy returns, earned him his first leading role, in the that figure as The Rock, his battle name. This is a film of adventures with aspirations of matinee, which is an end. Director Chuck Russell does what she can -not much – with a material that has the grifa class B on all sides. (Netflix and Claro Video)

Blood, sweat and glory (2013).

It is the most fun (and if you allow me of the best) has done in his entire career. Director Michael Bay, away from Tranformers) ships with a comedy that’s very eye catching that Johnson and Mark Wahlberg play two muscular owners of a gym who get in a mess that includes traffic and kidnapping and that, he was seen, he had everything to go wrong. Bay shoots Miami (as he did in Bad Boys) all movement and gives a rhythm to comedy that will go well with the movie. (On Netflix)

Moana (2016)

Here interpreted to Maui, a character inspired by the grandfather of Johnson, High Chief Peter Maivia, and that serves to yield to their pride in samoan. The film is pure Disney, of course, with a girl who is sent to learn about the world, a goal for which you should overcome a tremendous ocean. It is, despite being a stranger, one of the more personal projects of Johnson. (In rental in NSNow of New Century and the basic Flow of Cablevisión and Clear Video)

Fast and furious 8 (2017).

It is difficult to establish which is the best of a franchise this big and similar to each other as the of Fast and furious. Johnson was from the five which is taken as a revitalization of a franchise that until then seemed to be exclusive lovers of the tailspin. With his arrival, the character of Hobbs, the brand has become a cinematic event increasingly large so that, probably 8 is the best. Is Charlize Theron and a stunts with cars of those that leave you breathless and only wanted The rock is capable of dealing with. (For rent on NsNow of the New Century and in Clear video)

Fighting for my family (2019).

What could well have been a notice long about the merits of World Wrestling Entertainment, the company that dominates the business of wrestling, it becomes an entertaining comedy for everyone. Johnson is the host of a family of fighters that comes to the WWE to fulfill the dream of the baby of the house. With this arguments, it seems difficult to understand because it is so cute but might be due to the script of Stephen Merchant (co-creator of The Office), which here also leads. (In the service of Fox NSNow of a New Century and a Flow of Cablevisión)