Today “The 1975” by The 1975 turns 10 years old.

First breath of wind in discography 1975the band’s first real album Matthew Healyfirst bet won thanks to a great nose Jamie Oborn, manager and god of the machine of the whole project. In 2013, after numerous name changes and a similar number of EPs, four boys who grew up near Manchester and met at school officially began their journey into the musical mainstream. In hindsight, we can just say that things didn’t turn out all that bad for him.

THAT 1975 at the moment, in fact, this is a group with its own distinctive, recognizable feature and with a very worthy live sound, built brick by brick. Just think of the holiday set in Leeds dedicated specifically to the album released ten years ago, which took place a few days ago. Of course, a lot of water has flowed since “Chocolate”, but the British band’s debut album remains a true working web of sonic exaggeration, which has never been lacking in the work of the Mancunians.

Even at that time, in general, the samples taken as a model were the same as today. A little INX extensionA little Princemovies John Hughes. In crazy space R&B “MONEY”, for example, the influence of a leprechaun from Minneapolis is very noticeable. He must have noticed it too. Travis Scottwho sampled some of it on his 2014 album Don’t Play.

“Talk!” and “Heart Out” are the older goddaughters of that eighties atmosphere that often accompanies the productions of the four Englishmen. The first is frantic and pulsating, like some songs Peter Gabriel more catchy, the second, on the other hand, could be the soundtrack to some old movie on VHS. What if the battery George Daniel second track “The City” is dominated by bass Ross McDonald dominate the melodic nonchalance of “She Way Out”. By carefully analyzing the album, one can note the contribution made during the production stage Mike Crossey (Arctic Monkeys, Foalsamong others) and, above all, a creative impulse mixed with a kind of black clarity present in the lyrics Matt Healy.

Take a song like “Robbers”, a real highlight of the album. Inspired by the 1993 film True Romance (screenplay: Quentin Tarantino but the director Tony Scott) and, in particular, to the character Patricia Arquette, in its hereditary melancholy, highlights all the defects of a toxic relationship and highlights all the features of the band’s lead singer’s writing. Musically, this guitar touch good Adams Hann to make the passage in question even more memorable.

“Sex”, the first single from “The 1975”, in addition to being the most (purely) indie version, is, like the already mentioned (and fun) “Chocolate”, one of the most iconic and beloved tracks. songs from the entire discography of the band, formed in 2002 in Wilmslow. Although it is a debut album, “The 1975” is full of tracks with high radio potential, as is the case with “Girls” or “Settle Down” itself. A clear sign that the path to follow is already clear to everyone. And it doesn’t matter if in some later works be healed and fellow travelers failed to combine success and quality travel hand in hand. The album of the same name remains an important foundation for anyone who wants to start diving into a chaotic universe. 1975.

Publication: September 2, 2013
Duration: 50:41
Drives: 1
Tracks: 16
Type: Synth pop, indie pop, pop rock
Label: Dirty Hit, Polydor, Vagrant, Interscope
Director: Mike Crossey


  1. 1975
  2. City
  3. MONEY
  4. Chocolate
  5. Sex
  6. Talk!
  7. Meeting
  8. heart out
  9. calm down
  10. robbers
  11. girls
  12. 12
  13. She’s out of line
  14. Men’s clothing
  15. Pressure
  16. Is there someone who can watch you

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