Today, the Retail is a Closed-network of Microsoft in the Official world Temporarily

152 – Technology-company, multi-national, of the United States, Microsoft officially announced the closure of all branches of its retail stores in the world of today, Tuesday (17/3/2020).

The company announced a major decision on the side of the official Twitter belonging to Microsoft @Microsoft office.

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The decision was in the face of pandemic, Corona-virus, that attacks in more than 100 countries around the world.

In addition, the technology company, to follow led by Bill Gates, the similar companies of the other, namely Apple.

Started Geek WireMicrosoft has recorded 70 chain of retail stores in the United States, 7 in Canada, and some of the retail shops, which are distributed in Puerto Rico, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

The twitter account of Microsoft write, the current state of this the whole party, who feel depressed.

“We know the family, the employees, as well as the current business is under pressure. Even so, we are still here to serve you online at,” cuit Microsoft.

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Saturday (14/3/2020) above, the company implemented a system of ‘distance’ between social employees the one and the other.

This happens after the two Microsoft explained to employees, positive, infected with the virus Covid-19 some time ago.

The company currently employs nearly 54,000 people in the Seattle region, Usa.