Today’s almanac: On September 2, 1945, Japan’s surrender to MacArthur takes place aboard the USS Missouri.

It happened today

On September 2, 1192, in Jaffa, Richard the Lionheart and Saladin signed a treaty that ended the Third Crusade. For the Europeans, the war was a semi-failure: Jerusalem was not recaptured. Among other things, the agreement stipulated that Christian pilgrims still had the right to visit the Holy City. Already in mid-August 1945, celebrations were organized on American squares to the exclamations of “Japan capitulates, end of the war!” (so named The newspaper “New York Times). But the surrender was signed on September 2 aboard the USS Missouri, anchored in Tokyo Bay. Foreign Minister Shigemitsu was the first to sign on behalf of the Japanese government, and General Umezu signed on behalf of the Japanese armed forces. On behalf of the Allies, MacArthur was the first to sign, followed by representatives of individual countries. That morning, the battleship flew the same Stars and Stripes that had flown aboard the aircraft carrier USS Powhatan in 1853, during Commodore Perry’s first expedition to the Rising Sun.

Saint of the day

Sant’Elpidio, the hermit. There is little unverified and conflicting information about his history. According to one of the most common versions, Elpidio was born in Cappadocia, and then moved to Italy, not far from Fermo, where he spread the words of the Gospel. According to other scholars, Elpidio was born and lived as a hermit in Piceno.

born of the day

Giovanni Verga, September 2, 1840, writer, playwright and senator

Paul BourgetSeptember 2, 1852, French writer and publicist.

Joseph RothSeptember 2, 1894, Austrian writer and journalist

Marc Auger, born September 2, 1935, French anthropologist and philosopher.

Pippo Franco, September 2, 1940, actor, comedian and singer

Vanna Markey, September 2, 1942, broadcaster and swindler.

Jimmy Connors, September 2, 1952, former tennis player and tennis coach

Keanu Reeves, September 2, 1964, Canadian actor

Salma Hayek, September 2, 1966, naturalized Mexican American actress Antonia Klugmann, September 2, 1979, chef and businesswoman. Dead day.

Pietro GiordaniSeptember 2, 1848, writer.

Henri Rousseau, September 2, 1910, French painter

Pierre de Coubertin, September 2, 1937, French sports manager, educator and historian

J. R. R. Tolkien, 2 September 1973, British writer and philologist

Philippe Daverio, September 2, 2020, French art historian and critic, broadcaster and politician.

Mikis Theodorakis, September 2, 2021, Greek composer and politician.

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