Today’s Almanac, Wednesday, August 30: The city of Houston was born in 1836.

Houston, Houston, can you hear us? Texas gained independence from Mexico a few months ago at the Battle of San Jacinto. For less than 10 thousand dollars brothers Augustus K. AND John K. Allen they bought 6,000 acres of land on the banks of the Buffalo Bayou. On August 30, 1836, they founded a new city: they advertised it in the Telegraph and Texas Register, christening it in honor of General Sam Houston. And they succeeded in getting the Congress of Texas to name it the provisional capital of the Republic. About twenty years later it was already an important railway and trade hub. Today it is the fourth largest city in the United States. A year earlier – on August 30, 1835 – on the other side of the world, in Australia, English settlers from Tasmania created a new settlement. At first it was called Batmania, but a couple of years later it was renamed in honor of the Prime Minister of Great Britain: William Lamb, Viscount Melbourne. By the end of the century, it had become one of the most prosperous metropolitan areas in the world. (Luigi Gaetani)

born of the day

Jacques-Louis David, 30 August 1748, French painter and politician

Mary Shelley, 30 August 1797, British writer and philosopher

Anita Garibaldi, August 30, 1821, Brazilian revolutionary

Joe Petrosino, August 30, 1860, Italian naturalized American policeman

Ernest Rutherford, 30 August 1871, New Zealand chemist and physicist

Leo Longanesi (August 30, 1905), journalist, writer and publisher.

Warren Buffett, born August 30, 1930, is an American entrepreneur and philanthropist.
Anna Politkovskaya, August 30, 1958, Russian journalist

Pino Insegno, August 30, 1959, actor, stunt double and comedian

Cameron Diaz, born August 30, 1972, is an American actress and former model.

Ilaria D’Amico, August 30, 1973, television presenter and journalist

Diodato, August 30, 1981, singer-songwriter

Andy Roddick, born August 30, 1982, is an American former tennis player.

dead day

Giovanni Fattori, August 30, 1908, painter and printmaker

Joseph John Thomson, 30 August 1940, British physicist

Charles Bronson, August 30, 2003, American actor

Wes Craven, August 30, 2015, is an American film director, screenwriter and producer.

Mikhail Gorbachev, August 30, 2022, Russian politician.

Saint of the day

Saints Felix and AdavktChristian martyrs. According to a eulogy from Pope Damasius I, the two were brothers; for others, however, Felix would have been a priest condemned to death for refusing to offer sacrifice to idols, and Adauctus a Christian openly stating his faith. Since the identity of the latter was not known, he was called an adductus, i.e. “added”. Felix and Adavctus probably perished during the persecution of Diocletian.

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