Today’s Diary | International Dance Festival “Pulso”, held this weekend at BCP

The International Dance Festival “Pulso” will be held at BCP.Photo: Courtesy

This Saturday (September 2) and Sunday (September 3), the “Pulso” International Dance Festival will be held both days at 9:00 am at the José Asunción Flores Theater of the Central Bank of Paraguay. Events also include art evenings and workshops with international professionals.

This is the fifth edition of the festival, which sees dance academies from across the country competing in a competition aimed at promoting the art and honoring young dance artists. Students of all ages, professional dancers and teachers participate.

There will also be three workshops: Ballet, with Mayda Rivero (professional dancer and teacher); De Jazz, with Monique Paes (jazz expert, artistic director and choreographer); and Spanish Dance, Bowling and Stylization School, with Opened by Estela Alonso Yusta (dancer, teacher and choreographer).


Well-known professionals will be present as guests: Monique Paes (Brazil), Estela Alonso Yusta (Spain), Mayda Rivero (Cuba) as well as compatriots Miguel Bonnin, Martina Conti, Aníbal Lezcano, Cecilia Zaputovich, Gustavo Benítez, Juliano Goncalves and Cinthya Echague.

“pulse” Started in 2018, it brings together young artists who combine technique, passion and interpretation, covering classical ballet, neoclassical, contemporary, jazz, free technique, Paraguayan dance, Spanish dance, Arabic dance, international folklore, urban dance etc. forms. , Acrodance, Freelance Technology and Hobbyists.

The event aims to promote cultural activities and exchange the emotional bonds created by art and artistic skills in institutions across the country. In this sense, they encourage young people through study scholarships and invitations to international festivals.

Pulso is organized by Professors Carmen Cañete and Ángel Ovelar and declared a Cultural Interest in 2022 National Cultural Secretariat. For more information, the public can contact (0986) 150-000, or via their social networks: Instagram (@pulsofestival_) and Facebook (Pulso).

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