Today’s Diary | National Theft Complaint Record: From 15 Billion to Over 200 Billion

Senators Derlis Maidana (ANR) and Líder Amarilla (PLRA). Photo: Midlands.

Senators Derlis Maidana (ANR) and Líder Amarilla (PLRA) analyze the views related to the controversial retirement and pension regulatory project, which today has triggered a lively debate and a series of questions, especially in the area of ​​retirees .

In an interview with the Fuego Cruzado program aired on the GEN channel, Derlis Maidana said the bill aims to establish the Retirement Regulatory Authority This is part of a new dynamic in the functioning of the Paraguayan state, starting with the current government With the merger of several entities and ministries.

Likewise, the MP stressed that this initiative Not seeking to reform Paraguay’s retirement system. “This is a discussion for another separate thread., there are currently no projects in this area.This project seeks to Regulate the operation of pension funds“.

On the subject, he also clarified that contrary to what some feared, the legislation It does not recommend extending retirees’ years of service or stripping retirees of resources.As some critics insist.Likewise, he states that his goal is Ensure compliance with the articles of association of each existing superannuation fund.

Maidana also said today Central Bank of Paraguay (BCP)which the new retirement regulator will depend on if the project is approved, is One of the most credible institutions in the country of Paraguaythereby highlighting its role as a parent entity.

For its part, Líder Amarilla believes The project is “unconstitutional” because it violates several articles of the Magna Carta, such as 95 or 286.In return, he admitted A control body needs to be established for all pension funds.

“The most reasonable thing to do is Establish a working group involving workers, employers and government representatives and establishing appropriate mechanisms to enable the fund to operate and carry out comprehensive reforms. The law currently has a confiscation and expropriation character.said the PLRA legislator.

He questioned, for example, Retired executive empowered to auction all properties of Social Security Institution (IPS), which is worth approximately more than $900 million. “The approval of this law is unjustified.”

Regarding the last point, Maidana said that according to the provisions of the project, No resource type available Administered by the Retirement Administration You will not be able to sell, transfer the property or make any type of transaction.

What we don’t want is for what happened at Cajubi (Itaipu Pension Fund) to not happen again because of a lack of regulation or anarchy.the retiree’s money was given to a Venezuelan,” he mentioned in an interview with GEN.

Any points in the Superannuation Authority’s program that raise issues, questions or conflicts with other existing legislation It will be analyzed before a Senate committee and may be revisedMaidana added. “In my opinion, they are shorter, longer-lasting rules, and they seek to maintain the stability of the overall system. “

Next, Amarilla emphasized “The owner of the money is the contributor” and from the moment the State has the power to dispose of or invest in said resources, There will no longer be sufficient power to protect the interests of members and partners of these funds.

“We have to find a solution to the retiree problem and there’s no one who doesn’t know it exists because it’s going to be unsustainable in the short term.”. There are certainly other mechanisms, such as benches, that we can reconsider, but not this law because it is unconstitutional,” he said.

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