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Due to pressure from the police, the Villarrica police station became the target of public criticism.

A young college student reported that Villarrica police placed drugs in his car. The incident happened two months ago.

According to the complaint, Petty Officer Enzo Martínez and Inspector Sergeant Roberto Almada Garcete would place cocaine in the young man’s car; Not only that, they took away his freedom and then blackmailed him.

The victim said for To ensure “pressure”, the sergeant took him to the terrace of the third police station in the central area of ​​Villarrica. There, they took him away and smuggled him into a room at the police station, where they held him for nearly 10 hours. Demanding a payment of £10 million as a condition of regaining his freedom.

Don’t have that kind of money, The young man was forced to sell his car One of the agents even told him he had found a buyer.

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The young man said that an acquaintance of his family was willing to buy his car. The operation was carried out at the same police station and the student had to sell his vehicle worth GH¢21 million to regain his freedom.

Complaints indicateThe police kept the requested money and the victim was freed.

Other complaints

Additional complaints allege that Agents Martinez and Almada, They have been operating in secret for some time. Because they use “friends” as an excuse to bring strangers into the police station, there will be more victims.

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In response, Inspector Diego Martinez, chief of the 3rd Police Department, said he was not aware of the actions of the reported agent.

The mother of the young university student filed a complaint with the police station in Guaira, where she works.

The current director, Crio, received him. Gen. Reynaldo Lopez promised a thorough investigation but then withdrew from providing answers to the family.

A few days later, The young man’s mother was informed that the reported agent had been transferred to the task force. However, as of now, there are no official reports on the situation of the two people.

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