Today’s News September 11, 2023 until 7:00 pm

Today’s news, September 11, 2023, one minute:

Ebrard threatens to leave Morena
Marcelo Ebrard has threatened to leave Morena if challenges arising from events during the election of the party’s candidate are not resolved. He said the challenge was a combination of the role of the investigative committee and the promotion of Claudia Scheinbaum, the actions of different government departments including the Ministry of Welfare and state and local government.

Cold front will bring heavy rain
The Mexican monsoon and a new cold front along the country’s northern border will bring heavy rains to the states of Sonora, Chihuahua and Sinaloa. The low-pressure channel interacting with instability in the upper atmosphere and the influx of moisture from both oceans will result in heavy rain in the west, south, east and southeast.

Be wary of fake hepatitis B vaccines
Cofepris has issued an alert regarding falsification of Provibac-B, a hepatitis B vaccine. The vaccine was detected in a 20 ml injection. The batch number on the secondary packaging or outer packaging of the counterfeit product is 2526211014-1, and the batch number on the vial label is 2566220/410-2. In addition, the expiry date on the secondary packaging is October 6, 2023, and the expiry date on the label is November 2023.

Judiciary staff stop working
CDMX Judiciary staff suspended work in all offices. This was due to his failure to comply with salary increases and back pay regulations. The protest measures affected the functioning of courts and tribunals in the capital.

Benito Castro dies at 77
Actor Benito Castro dies at age 77. He is remembered for his popular role in the comedy show “La Güereja y algo más”. The National Association of Interpreters confirmed his death. He remembered him as an actor “who had a long and illustrious career in theatre, film and television.”

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