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Santiago Pena, his wife Leticia Ocampos and their children Constanza and Gonzalo accompanied by his wife Serenella Algaña during an interview with “Mina en Casa” Next, interviewed by Mina Felicianjeli at the Presidential Residence.

“I was so proud at that moment, my heart was beating so fast, it was an emotion, an inexplicable feeling. I never thought we would achieve something like this,” the first lady recalled her husband’s inauguration as president of the republic when said.

Recalling Pena’s August 15 inauguration, his daughter Constanza said she was overwhelmed by not knowing what awaited them, even though it was mixed with great emotion and a sense of her father’s achievement. pride. “What taught me is to persevere and to fight for what you know.”

Gonzalo Pena said that what is important is not necessarily to be in power, but to assume the responsibility of leading the destiny of the country. “All the work and hard work will pay off, which makes you proud and fulfilled, but as I always tell you, it’s just the beginning.”

The Pena-Ocampos’ eldest son believes the 2017 in-game defeat was “the best thing that happened to him” because the experience prepared him and made him better equipped for the future Five-year challenge.

“They are the people who kept my feet on the ground with my parents and allowed me to go out and face all the challenges,” said the President of the Republic, emphasizing the value of family members coping with the day. today.

Peña has described his wife as “the balm that unites everything” during the campaign, keeping the house in order and taking care of the family during his absence from tours across the country leading up to the presidential election. ..

“We are tenants here, we are here temporarily, what we are trying to keep is our home,” said Santiago Pena, stressing the importance of strengthening family ties during his stay in Mbruwicharoga.

When recalling her first night at Marshal Lopez’s presidential residence, Ocampos mentioned with a smile that she had some difficulty falling asleep, unlike Pena, who did not have so much difficulty resting on the first day.

In an interview with Mina, the president reflected on his inaugural address and thanked former President Horacio Cartes for his support in arriving at the López Palace. “Horacio believed in me before I believed in myself, that’s the reality. He didn’t know me when he asked me to be finance minister, but he saw my resume and believed in a guy from the central bank. A 35-year-old economist can be a minister”.

Over the years, they developed a professional and emotional bond that Pena owes much to the current Colorado Party chairman today. Likewise, he expressed his gratitude to Vice President Pedro Ariana, noting in particular his support for him in difficult moments such as the 2017 election defeat, which he managed to strengthen their friendship over the years.

“The worst thing that can happen to a democracy is to have an isolated president who makes decisions alone and doesn’t listen to anyone. I want to listen to everyone, and I don’t want to lose the ability to listen to everyone,” Perry said. Na said.

Leticia Ocampos confirmed that the first lady’s office will remain in place so that it can continue to serve citizens. He said women, children, culture and tourism would be the four axes to focus on in the coming years and seek to play a coordinating role with the national agencies responsible for each area.

Pena was also asked about his recent meeting with Argentina’s Economy Minister Sergio Massa and the conflict with the waterway, noting that today they seek to resolve an important disagreement. “Here there is an international treaty signed by five countries that allows collection, but there has to be an agreement between the five countries.”

On the same point, he expressed his hope to hold high-level meetings with the presidents of the countries along the Paraguay-Parana Waterway to resolve conflicts and reach consensus, so as to seek common interests of all parties. protected.

Constanza emphasized discipline as one of her father’s virtues and his dedication to carrying out various activities during the day, while Gonzalo also highlighted Pena’s dedication when it comes to focusing on something. For her part, Leticia emphasized her optimism and good character.

“They see me as I am and I want people to see me as I am. I’m going to put in a huge effort and I hope I’m not wrong. I’m going to fight for five years so that every Paraguayan can have a better life , concluded President Santiago Pena.

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