Today’s Paper | Respiratory cases increase in pediatric patients

professor. Ricardo MesaChild allergists urge parents to stick to their children’s vaccination schedule, reminding them that if they contract Smallpox and measles can be deadly.

Doctors point out that there are different types of viruses that often cause skin and respiratory symptoms to worsen. Therefore, in view of the symptoms, he appealed to the health center for identification and appropriate treatment.

He explained, for example Measles begins in the small nose, Many times it is a respiratory disease, but later on a more significant condition manifests on a skin level.The same thing happens and can happen in Chickenpox and smallpox.

“During this time, we’ve heard a lot about monkeypox. We are all concerned about this small group of diseases, especially smallpox, which is spread in much the same way, through respiratory contact, the droplets that we produce when we sneeze, cough, but we don’t realize that there can be respiratory infections Small changes, but then it becomes more apparent in other ways,” he said.

He stressed that we must first be cautious about smallpoxas this is a disease that can be caused at the oral level The rash can then spread to the neck, face, and then the rest of the body. He added that it usually affects more or less nine to 10 days elsewhere and is more profound and can have complications from blisters, so going to the clinic is crucial.

What should be done in this case is a quick analysis at the epidemiological level looking for where the first contacts might be and looking for where the initiator might be. Smallpox, he comments, is a disease that can be controlled by vaccination, so that human-to-human transmission can be avoided; but, nevertheless, there are other manifestations, such as the animal-human counterpart, such as monkeypox.

However, he pointed out that the health system, through the General Directorate of Health Inspection and other entities responsible for control, has been working hard to control where the outbreak may occur, thereby preventing the spread and spread of the disease.

what is smallpox

Smallpox is a viral infection Can be serious and often life-threatening for infected people, without close, direct contact, usually through sneezing or coughing, as it spreads from person to person. If a pregnant woman contracts the disease, a baby developing in the womb may be deformed.

Remember The smallpox vaccine was developed around 1980 and was officially declared eradicated after vaccination. However, outbreaks are known to occur in vulnerable populations who are unable to achieve vaccination levels, thus emphasizing the importance of fathers and mothers adhering to their children’s vaccination schedules.

About use poha ñaná (herbicides or natural herbs), such as Tapekué, chamomile, guava leavespointing out that more than preservatives May cause a bacterial infection that can make the condition worse Because they are open lesions on the skin through which microorganisms can penetrate. “That’s why it’s important to know what we’re going to use and how to use it, clean it, sanitize it, boil it, try to avoid the possibility of contagion or contamination,” he said.


first is isolation Hospitalization, hydration to prevent dehydration, and feeding care.Also, if necessary, use antibiotic If there are complications, you need and others.

Given the reported cases two children died of smallpox He said that it should be noted that smallpox, as a eruptive disease, has a certain period of time. The initial symptoms are headache, body pain, red eyes, and there may be general malaise and high fever. This is followed by the manifestation phase, where contagion has begun and can occur on a large scale, lasting approximately 2 to 4 days and completing within 6 days from the onset of the disease.

The third stage is the eruption stage, which is the most contagious, and small round blisters begin to appear, spreading all over the skin, starting from the mouth, face, and neck. It is at this time that bacteria-related complications can arise as this affects the entire body surface and can also cause deep-seated changes such as encephalitis and other diseases that can lead to the death of the patient.

Finally, there is a period when these pustular and crusted lesions dry out and they start to peel off and dry out. In the face of any doubts, he reiterated, one should go to the nearest health center, where health personnel must monitor the child’s course and, if it occurs in a rural area, it would be better to hospitalize him for better control, in an isolated room. Notification of the disease is mandatory for epidemiological reasons.

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