“Today’s tv programming for Monday, July 13,


A new week is about to begin, and the canal, by the canal our favorite shows are in the us, on Monday, the 13th of July. Today on the tv to return to some of the events not to be missed, such as the adventures of The Young Montalbano or to laugh with Made In The Southor in the discussion of the Fourth Republic.

We will discover the step-by-step, all of the the first show of the evening, both on wi-fi networks at a great time.

Today, at the television Centre

We have already learned that, this summer, on Monday, the house Centre is a successful mix of comedy, mystery, and a great movie. In the Centre of 1 for 21.25 air of inevitable compromise, with the prequel of the famous Commissioner Montalbano, The Young Montalbanothe character born from the pen of Andrea Camilleri.

With Michele Riondino, which collects the heritage of the Luca Zingaretti, are struggling with the death of the suspect in thethe title of the episode The man Who Went To the Funeral. This is a replica of the very first episode of the second season.

You have to walk in the Rai 2

In the second channel, at 21.20, at the time space, to entertainment and comedy, with an all new season of Made In The South. All the actors are ready to take to the stage with their hits, led by the trio Stefano De Martino, She Trotti, and that of Biagio Izzo.

The thriller on the Centre of 3

Finally, on Rai 3 at at at at at 21.20, immediately after the A Place In The Sunis very much in the air in a in the movie, in 2017 at the earliest, from the title The Culprit – The Culprit. The main character of the film is an agent of the Danish police, who are waiting to be processed, considered, responsible or liable for any deficiency in service. It expects to meet its target, it plays the role of a receptionist in the emergency number for the day, you are faced with any suspected case.

Today, the tv is wi-fi su

The wi-fi channels that are dedicated to film on Monday, however, is not to lose the habit of making a commitment to the political discussion in the Network 4.

New topics in the Fourth Republic

At 21.25 in the Network is 4 Nicola Porro, leads, as in the whole of the second year In The Fourth Republic. Surrounded by a courtyard, and guests, and the opinion of the journalist presents to the public new issues of great relevance today, as the contradictions of the post-covid, or the clash ever more bitter between the Government and the opposition, going so far as foreign war is going on between the President of the United States, Donald Trump and his opponents.

Monday-Thursday cinema, wi-fi

Canale 5 and Italia 1), instead of focusing on the film, ranging from comedy to action, pure and distilled. On Channel 5, at 21.20, will be broadcast tonight, the film will The Commitment Of Lovea collection of comedy from 2010 that tells the story of a love and they are the parents of life, in all of its various stages. On Valentine’s day, they criss-cross the histories and relationships of several characters. The cast is good looking: Jessica Alba, Patrick Dempsey, Taylor Swift, Julia Roberts, Ashton Kutcher, Jamie Foxx, Anne Hathaway, Topher Grace, and many, many more directed by Garry Marshall.

Finally, in Italy it’s 1, we find Keanu Reeves in Japan, in the role of Kaithat, along with a group of samurai out to avenge the death of their master at the hands of the evil tyrant, Lord Kira. In 2013 the film, from the title 47 Roninit will be broadcast this evening at 21: 30.