Tok! Auction Nintendo PlayStation Ready, Sold Of 5.1 Billion Dollars!


Bought from a collector game Greg McLemore

Nintendo, PlayStation, Console the game the ancestors of the Playstation manufactured, Nintendo and Sony, is the goal of the Gamer sultan. Through an auction, you can offer a price to get the console so rare.

After the auction, go through a long time, finally, the console was sold to a collector the game with a total prize of Rp. 5.1 billion!

1. The Buyer Lovers video games old school

Tok! Auction Nintendo PlayStation Ready, Sold Of 5.1 Billion Dollars!

Collectors game by the name of Greg McLemore. He is the founder of the and at the beginning of the era of the internet. purchased from Amazon in 1999, and the bubble was one of the victims in the phenomenon of the dot-com.

Thanks to the money-sales Greg became rich and use the money to start a new business. One is the conservation video games by collecting a variety of memorabilia video games from a variety of eras. He also maintains a Website and forum Arcade Museum that stores information console video games classic.

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2. Greg wants to be a museum video games

Tok! Auction Nintendo PlayStation Ready, Sold Of 5.1 Billion Dollars!

“I’m very interested in, my love video games“Greg said after winning the auction. “One of the things that I would like to share, is the evolution of the video games, how arcade games influence video games and how video games Impact on technological innovation. I’m sure Nintendo PlayStation-this can be a part of these aspects.”

Greg beat offers from other buyers as the Creator of the Oculus Rift Palmer Luckey will not save the console in the safe with the guard. He wants to make a museum to video games with a collection of the machine-the battle of the 1880s, makes the game a rocking horse from the 1920s, more than 800 machines arcade, Console Game Magazines, publications, and so on.

3. Had to offer a chance to millions of dollars

True, Nintendo could be selling the PlayStation for Rp. 14.2 billion. However, Terry Diebold, the get the console from the auction of the stock of the office for Rp. 1 million, rejected the offer and instead melelangnya.

Well, despite the rather unfortunate, Rp. 5.1 billion is still a huge amount of money. If you have unlimited money, what to buy the price you want to offer console from Nintendo, the PlayStation?

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