Tom Brady and more: From LeBron James to Ryan Reynolds, all American stars investing in English football

On Tuesday it was news that the former defender Tom Bradyand winner of seven Super Bowls, became a minority partner in Birmingham CityEnglish club playing in the Championship.

He was born in 1977 and is the latest in a growing list. american starswhether they are athletes or actors who invest part of their earnings in the world of football by investing directly in English clubs. Whether they are based in the United States or overseas anyway, investment continues to grow, lured by the high growth of football in England, thanks to revenues higher than any other league in England. world.

Together with Brady, one of the best football players of all time, another symbol of American sports such as LeBron Jameswho is part of the elite of the NBA’s most important players, decided to invest in English football by buying 2% of Liverpool in 2011, a year after the Reds were purchased by Fenway Sports Group. The Los Angeles Lakers star recently converted those shares into an equal percentage control of the group that manages Liverpool, which is also owned by red bird Jerry Cardinale (the company that owns AC Milan) which, among other things, has a very close relationship with the four-time NBA champion: RedBird has actually invested in springhill, founded by LeBron and childhood friend Maverick Carter.

These examples just mentioned are part of a long list of non-sporting stars who have invested in football. Here is a list of VIPs who are part of the world of football. For some, both the shares owned and the investments made are known, for others not:

  • Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney (actors): 100% Wrexham for €2.3 million (Welsh club recently promoted to League Two, the fourth tier of English football)
  • Tom Brady (former footballer) Birmingham City (Championship, Second English League)
  • Jay Jay Watts (former footballer) Burnley (recently promoted to Premier League)
  • LeBron James (NBA player): 2% of Liverpool for £5.4mthen convert to 2% Fenway Sports Group who controls the English club
  • Michael B Jordan (actor): Bournemouth (Premier League)
  • Michael Phelps (former swimmer) – Russell Westbrook (NBA) – Jordan Spit AND Justin Thomas (golf): Leeds (Premier League) following the takeover of Andrea Radrizani’s shares by 49ers enterprises

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