Tom Brady and the Reality Show Aiming to Make Him a TV Legend

tom brady is a legend National Football League, After becoming the holder of all league records and the player with the most wins of all time.After retiring, the former quarterback participated in many activities, such as becoming a shareholder of some teams, or being happy on the sidelines Irina Shayk.

To that end, on the reality TV show The Bachelor, he can’t help but sign Tom Brady, Because the show’s current host, Jesse Palmer, believes the former star new england patriots May become the protagonist of the legend.

Jesse Palmer, who was quarterback for the New York Giants for two seasons, assured TMZ in an interview that Tom Brady will be a legend on the popular dating show because he is currently and Irina Shayk.

Tom Brady and Irina Shayk are very happy together

“We can use all your houses. The problem is Irina Shayk, But if she’s willing to take it easy for a few months of filming, I think we’re stable,” Palmer said, acknowledging that’s fine tom brady Own several houses as this is good for production.

“That’s another great thing because you can use all of their houses. We can actually go international…very cheap. tom brady “That would be great,” said the “Bachelor” host.

Tom Brady Won’t Marry Irina Shayk

tom brady He would have enjoyed everything about meeting Irina Shayk, except the idea of ​​marrying the model.people close to the stars national football leaguerevealed on “RadarOnline” that his goal was not to settle down with Irina, as his intention was to explore different love relationships while single.

Earlier this year, the media reported that Brady steps have been taken to save her marriage Gisele Bundchen, He temporarily put off a $375 million Fox Sports contract in order to win his ex-wife back.

Tom Brady, former quarterback for Tampa Bay and New England

Instagram: @tombrady

The effort was reportedly driven by his desire to mend their relationship after years of focusing on his football career. Giselle. However, inside sources said the Brazilian model had embraced the spin-off.

“The last thing Tom wants to do is get married again,” a source said. “I want to make people jealous Giselle From what he heard from their mutual friends, the plan was successful,” the source said.

However, those who are sure that she is not only interested but passionate about tom it’s mestruggle, The former player has become very close and dating in recent weeks.

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