Tom Brady doesn’t deny he’s considering joining Jets, sparking NFL return rumors

andWe’re ready for a lot of rumors tom brady You may be considering new york jets One season.s damage Aaron Rodgers sparking many rumors about a replacement New York could find in the coming weeks.

nature, tom brady He remains at the top of the list despite his constant denials that he is interested in returning for another season. But it’s a reality you literally can’t escape, even if you vehemently deny the veracity of any of the rumors.

But there are other scenarios Brady He did consider the idea, but just didn’t say an emphatic “no” to any question put directly to him.Several media outlets responded to his recent responses to relevant questions jet plane.

Jim Gray presses Tom Brady on New York Jets

It happened on Monday during “Let’s Go!”The plot of the Podcast with co-host Jim Gray, he just does the journalistic job that people want him to do.someone needs to ask Brady would you consider returning National Football League in the current situation Aaron Rodgers.

It’s a unique scene that makes people wonder Brady He’s willing to help a team that no longer has an experienced quarterback. tom He responded, but anyone who wants to respond can explain his response. He said, “Next question. You know this. I love being with you on Monday and I love what we have going on.”

Those who like to read between the lines will tell you tom brady Seems a little tired of the same questions. The thing here is that he still seems to be in great shape and undoubtedly still very much in love with the sport. If you don’t have a clear “no” in your answer, that’s because you’ve probably already thought about it, even though you now have some great stuff in retirement.

Another obstacle has been discussed here and he is las vegas raiders This represents a conflict of interest for him.But until I really say no tom brady Will keep the door of return open.

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