Tom Brady is in Mexico! For that, former NFL QB will visit CDMX

andIn fact, “ExMa 2023 Heroes and Doers” will bring 7-time NFL Super Bowl champion Tom Brady to Mexico. Keep browsing these pages for details on this great visit and what you need to know to attend the event that brings a living NFL legend to Mexico.

Brady visit to Mexico: When and why

The “ExMa 2023 Heroes and Doers” event will be the venue for former quarterback Tom Brady’s presence in our country. On October 24-25, the National Auditorium will host a large conference for those who want to hear from experts in sales, marketing, leadership and entrepreneurship.

In addition to NFL legend Tom Brady, the event will also feature subject matter experts such as Arturo Elias Ayub, Fernanda Familiar, Tom Billiew, Ingrid Coronado, Arturo Islas Allende, Alejandra Requena, Lady Multitask, Fernando Anzurez and others .

How to watch Tom Brady in Mexico?

hurry up! Tickets for Tom Brady at ExMa 2023 are on sale with a 30% discount. Prices range from $104 to $2,499, all with discounts already applied.

More importantly, how about a photo with Tom Brady?

If the fact that you’re close to the NFL legend doesn’t feel like much to you, and you’re willing to pay more, we inform you that ExMA Member VIP+Photo access will bring the following benefits: Photo, meet and greet with Tom Brady Greetings for ExMa members, digital certification, access to 2-day events, seats in the VIP area and other elements that you can enjoy.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from the man who changed American football forever and inspired hundreds of success stories.

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