Tom Brady joining Jets?After Aaron Rodgers’ injury, it might be worth going crazy

and2001 was a crazy year for the NFL. After the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers, the season had to be paused for a week, and when they resumed play, the two teams faced off in Foxborough. new york jets and new england patriots and such a Mo Lewis Injuried Drew Bledsoe replaced by something tom brady.

This Monday, on the occasion of commemorating the 22nd anniversary of the above-mentioned event in the “Big Apple”, the Jets ushered in the first Monday Night Football of the 2023 season. buffalo bill And igniting the passion of fans at MetLife Stadium, their brand new member, quarterback Aaron Rodgers He was the last person to take the field carrying an American flag.

The butterfly effect of Aaron Rodgers’ injury

This fairy tale apparently lasted less than one offensive series, four games total, because, very unfortunately, the Bills’ backs, leonard freud captured former quarterback green bay packerswhen he fell, his left ankle became trapped in the artificial turf, and when he tried to stand up, he was unable to do so.

The biggest fear of a team with only one championship super bowl More than 54 years ago, he lost an entire season as MVP of the Vince Lombardi Trophy XLV edition to a torn Achilles tendon, an issue that, according to multiple media reports and his head coach himself, Robert Salehwhich could be confirmed following an MRI this Tuesday morning.

Is it crazy to think of Tom Brady on the Jets?

One day earlier, Tom Brady, the aforementioned record holder with seven Super Bowl rings, gillette stadium In the first week Patts and philadelphia eagles This was his first game since announcing his retirement last offseason.

ESPN analysts said, Sergio Diep When he participated in the anchor news program “Sports Center” of this website, he said forcefully: “The Jets should give Tom Brady a call“.

It seems crazy that if there’s one character that Jets fans hate, it’s Tom Brady, but after a serious injury to Aaron Rodgers and a roster that’s primed to contend for a Super Bowl, the question is, is it worth betraying him? soul and try to convince the devil TB12 Wearing white and green in 2023?

We’ll have to wait and see if this madness becomes a reality.

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