Tom Brady’s Crazy Model Reveals Secrets to Crazy Body—Including Coming Home at Midnight

Tom Brady-crazed model Veronika Rajek often leaves fans speechless, but the prolific stylist reveals the secrets behind staying in amazing shape.

The Slovak supermodel is known for her love for legendary NFL quarterback Brady, who went viral after uploading a photo of himself wearing his iconic Tampa Bay Buccaneers jersey for the final time.

For nearly a year, her platform has continued to grow, providing her 6.2 million Instagram followers with eye-catching bikini photos and appearing at fashion and sporting events across the United States.

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Veronica reveals daily star sports She is an avid gym and fitness fanatic and the hard work she has put into her body and lifestyle has been demonstrated by maintaining her incredible looks, she said: “Secrets include persistence, no drinking, no drugs , no fast food, no overeating, sleep and go home around midnight. Go to the gym four or five times a week.

“I don’t do any special exercises. I’m very responsible about my diet, and I really hate the taste of hard liquor. Of course, I’ve had some in my life, but no one can force me to drink it.”

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