Tom Cruise as Iron Man in a spectacular Fan Art

It would be really shocking to see Tom Cruise as Iron Man in an alternate reality of the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe.

For some time now, there are certain rumors that we will see Tom cruise What Hombre de Hierro in the film Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness. Obviously, this has not been confirmed, but luckily now thanks to an Internet artist we will be able to know what it would look like and it is obviously spectacular.

Here we leave you the Fan Art of Tom cruise like the new Hombre de Hierro created by Rahalarts:

Next to the image we can read: “I heard some rumors that Tom Cruise could appear as a variant of Tony Stark in Doctor Strange in the multiverse of insanity. It would be great to see other variants of famous characters from Marvel Studios. Also, this actor was considered for the role of Iron Man before Robert Downey Jr.

Thanks to the ‘multiverse’ everything is possible.

All the information that is emerging about Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness, It is really spectacular, so if all the rumors are true we will be facing a more shocking event than Spider-Man: No Way Home. Since supposedly the Supreme Sorcerer from Marvel studios You will travel through different realities and that is why you may come across the version of Hombre de Hierro starring Tom Cruise. But also, we may see Patrick Stewart like Professor Charles Xavier already Hugh jackman like Wolverine.

For now, there is no indication that Tom cruise I’ve been shooting scenes for Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness, in fact he is very busy filming the movies of Mission Impossible 7 and 8, where he wants to show that he is still very fit with great, very dangerous action scenes that he does himself.

Would you like to see Tom Cruise as Iron Man? Leaving your comments below in the opinion section. We’ll know if this really happens when it premieres Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness on May 6, 2022. Meanwhile, we can see the rest of the deliveries of Marvel studios in the Disney Plus streaming platform.

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