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Tom Cruise known for many things, but products Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning. Part one. brought to the fore his recklessness against dangerous scenes filmed without stunt doubles. In the famous parody presented at MTV Movie Awards Ben Stiller pretended to be his stunt double – practically unemployed – and Matt Damon opened up that the actor, when the stunt coordinator denied him permission to do something too dangerous, simply and hastily fired him in order to attract another who would allow him another adrenaline rush. During the final chapter of the action franchise The task is impossible Cruz has had enough of risky scenes, demonstrating enviable agility at the age of 61, and the network is littered with montages that collect the most spectacular episodesabsurd, dangerous and sternly performed by the actor.

In 2018 for Mission Impossible – Aftermath It was shot down a plane at a height of one hundred and six times and no one would have ever thought that it could and would have gone further, but it was not so. The video we are reporting is taken from Pay Reportedly impressive stunts performed by Tom Cruise and centered around the bloodthirsty antagonist invincible Ethan Hunt with artificial intelligence. The video shows some of his biggest stunts, including one. underwater sequence and jump”halo» (High-altitude military parachuting or “parachute military invasion method”) shown in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation AND Mission Impossible: Consequences. In particular, the video is dedicated to motorcycle stunt From reckoning performed “body weight” in which Cruz practiced beauty thirteen thousand times!

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