Tom Holland confesses what he wants after ‘Spider-Man: no way home’

Tom Holland’s name may be one of the most important during the last quarter of 2021. Due to all the expectations generated in relation to con Spider-Man: No Way Home, the impact that production will have on Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and recent images like Nathan Drake in Uncharted, his next leading role. To this is added one of his most ambitious professional goals: to get to play the role of James Bond.

Yeah it’s not an exaggeration. One of his co-workers shared Tom Holland’s interest in the role of James Bond and the actor himself has become related to the character. The revelation is not minor, if one takes into account that that franchise is in search of a new actor. Daniel Craig, who played the character from 2006 to 2021, will leave the role free and Holland has it between eyebrows.

Is the possibility real? The range of candidates is wide. It is one of the most important roles in the history of cinema. Therefore, this is most likely neither the first nor the only leak related to James Bond and Tom Holland.

What did Tom Holland say about James Bond?

Tom Holland’s interest in the role of James Bond was learned through actor Jacob Batalon. Within the narratives of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Batalon plays Ned Leeds, a sort of right-hand man to Peter Parker. During an interview given to GQ, the actor commented that Holland “talks a lot about being James Bond. Much much”.

What did Tom Holland say about it and about his future? The next:

“I have two roles that I will play in the next few years that I am very excited about. But I still can’t talk about them. I mean that ultimately, as a young British man who loves movies, I would love to be James Bond. So, you know. I’m just showing that. I look pretty good in a suit. “

How feasible is this possibility? There are no certainties. A rough scenario is the following. Today, Tom Holland is one of the most commercial actors in the film industry. Therefore, from that point of view, there is an argument. The James Bond franchise will begin casting for the character over the next year. So, beyond the interest of the actor, it is intuited that nothing is clear yet.

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