Tomás Pochettino signed his contract with River

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The midfielder who had already undergone the medical examination last Tuesday sealed his contractual relationship with the Biggest, as did Leandro González Pirez and Emanuel Mammana, who are returning to the club after several years abroad.

Mammana, Pochettino and González Pirez signed their contracts with the Biggest.
© River Press.Mammana, Pochettino and González Pirez signed their contracts with the Biggest.

Marcelo Gallardo wants to go for everything in 2022 and for that he will need a wide and competitive squad. For this, the leaders began to move in the last days of last year and closed their words to various reinforcements and continue to negotiate for others. Tomás Pochettino underwent a medical examination last Tuesday and on this day he already signed his contract with the Biggest, it will be on loan (the owner of his pass is Austin FC from MLS) and it will be with a purchase option close to the 4 million dollars, the duration of the contract is one year.

Pochettino had already been on River’s radar in previous transfer markets, is a footballer who can play in different positions in the middle of the field and both in Workshops and in Defense and Justice showed a high level, already in 2021 he was transferred to Austin FC where he played a total of 31 games in which he scored 2 goals and provided an assist. Al Más Grande arrives to fight for a position in a year that will be loaded with competitions: the League Cup, the Libertadores Cup, the Argentine Cup, the Argentine Super Cup and the Professional League.

Two children of the house who return

In addition to Tomás Pochettino, two central markers that emerged from the River Plate quarry also signed their contracts with River this Monday before traveling to San Martín de los Andes: they are Leandro González Pirez, who has just played 46 games at Inter Miami, the center-back is on loan for one year with a purchase option. On the other hand, Emanuel Mammana also returned to the club, the footballer managed to unlock his contractual situation with Sochi and Zenit and will once again be managed by Marcelo Gallardo.

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