Toner recommended by experts based on skin type

Two important steps in skin care are facial cleansing and moisturizing. These are two elements that we must repeat every day, even as the seasons change. But just like you add some serum to your type, it’s also important to use a toner.

Of course, toner isn’t a product you use every day or forget about. Even though it’s been around for a long time, it seems to be one of the steps we skip most often, but it’s key to prepping your skin and making the rest of your products effective.

Toner is a product that is very beneficial to the skin. It has a naturally slightly acidic pH, which may change after cleaning, especially when alkaline cleaning products are used.

Toner helps restore skin’s pH to optimal levels.

Additionally, it provides a refreshing feeling and can

Helps temporarily close pores and improves skin texture. While a toner’s primary function is not to cleanse the skin (that’s the job of a cleanser), it can help remove any leftover makeup or cleanser residue from the skin.

There are also some supplements that are used to

Moisturizes skin. If you don’t know which one to choose, we wanted to ask the experts to tell us which type of toner to choose for your skin, so you can get better care and longer-lasting beauty.

sensitive skin

Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist Facial Tonic. /


Sensitive skin needs adequate moisture. One of our favorite products and one of our experts is this facial mist that helps balance skin,

Omorovica brand. It is a toner that provides a lot of moisture and is made from water from the Budapest marina.

«Sensitive skin needs conditioning so that when we use the following products in facial care, the skin remains calm and balanced, trying to avoid redness or other inflammatory processes.For this, it is best to

Choose a toner that helps calm you Contains balanced ingredients rich in minerals and moisturizing compounds, thus restoring lost moisture”, Estefanía Nieto, Technical Director of Omorovicza

dry skin

Cold Plasma Plus+ Perricone MD’s ultimate supplement. /


If you have dry skin, you should be very careful about the type of toner you use. In addition to copper tripeptides, niacinamide and ionic technology to increase product efficiency, this Perricone MD serum is enriched with fermented rice water,

Boosts brightness, provides minerals and antioxidants.

«Dry skin will love hydrating toners and serums. Essence is somewhere between toner and serum. Therefore, they provide a complete complexion, are able to provide more moisture, and compensate for many imbalances that may arise during cleansing. ”Raquel González, cosmetologist and technical director at Perricone MD

combination skin

AM Ambari Active10 Supplement by Ambari. /


AM Ambari Active10 Essence It is a toner that can be used two to three times a week to exfoliate the skin. Additionally, if your skin is irritated, it can help calm it because it contains CBD.

It is a toner specially designed for combination skin.

«When we talk about toning, combination skin needs the perfect balance between sebum regulation in the oilier areas (usually the T-zone) and calming in the driest, most prone to redness areas (such as the cheeks).. Therefore, those supplements or fragrances that are rich in acids like lactic acid or anti-inflammatory ingredients like CBD will be useful. ” said Natalia Abellán, Technical Director of Ambari.

oily skin

Medik8 Press & Clear Tonic. /


One of the toners recommended by experts for oily skin is

Medik8 Press and clear. It is a supplement designed to eliminate blemishes caused by occasional or persistent acne. Contains salicylic acid and tranexamic acid to prevent post-inflammatory signs.

«Oily skin can be balanced starting from the toning stage. For this purpose, it is recommended to use tonics with sebum-regulating abilities, which contain salicylic acid,

Can reduce shine, cleanse pores and educate our skin Produce less sebum,” Elisabeth San Gregorio, Technical Director at Medik8.

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