Toni Costa: “Since I Was 21 Years Old, ‘Look Who Dances’ Has Been Part Of My Life”

Toni Costa

At just 37 years old, Toni Costa has lived a large part of his career, perhaps the most important on the track of ‘Mira Quien Baila All Stars’, a reality show that he has been part of since he was 21 years old when he was summoned by Potty Castillo for the version from his native country: Spain.

His same friend and almost godfather brought him with this format to Univision and the United States … Already here he not only continued to grow professionally but also found love on these tracks dancing with Adamari López. Today with a family that includes his famous 6-year-old daughter, Alaïa, and hours before the final, Toni talks about everything, the level of dance, the participants, what happened, and his dream of being a judge and mentor next year: “‘Mira Quien Baila'” has been part of my life since I was 21 years old

-This season has been a double challenge because you have had some participants who are not used to dancing or acting.
Toni Costa: As a mentor, the only thing I can do is try to give you that help, those tips so that they try to apply them in the dance, in each gala, but really hard work, they do it hard, apart from having to do it every week, It is with the dancers and choreographers, they have to teach them the choreography, teach them to dance and in my case, based on my experience and the level of the dance of so many years, I can help them to see if they can evolve. When I get to rehearsals for the first few days and then I watch the show, well I realize that they have worked hard all week.

– We have seen you incorporate various things that you have studied in their personalities, in their work so that they let go, for example, a Lindsay that you put her to dive with soccer or a Yisus with the kitchen …
Toni Costa: ‘Look Who Dances ‘It is not a strict ballroom competition with techniques but this is a television show, in which not only the acting is the one in each gala but also the rehearsals, it is content to create and I have had a great time Well, with Lindsay doing soccer and with La Bronca, which I think was the most fun of rehearsals because it gives a lot of play, nothing is saved, he says everything, he touches everything, he lets go of everything, for me it has been a discovery, we have connected very well …

– Each season is very different because the people are different, how could you define this adventure of ‘Look Who Dances’?
Toni Costa: It is complicated because one thinks about this season and I am very clear about everything that has happened, but it is not that I remember much how the other seasons were … It was more or less the same because they arrive and arrive with the expectation of learning and of being good students, of always listening to everything you tell them and the vast majority are young people, so we connect a lot, and then we have gone for a drink or we have met and then whether you want to or not, it is done as a family, as always happens in ‘Look Who Dances’, this year how unfortunate what was it? That it was very short, it was only 6 weeks, so this year everyone, including myself, was left wanting more.

– One of the criticisms that this season has had is that the dance level was missing or dropped, do you think the dance level dropped compared to the previous ones or not?
Toni Costa: Yes we have had very strong seasons, leaving the bar super high and there are dances that will not be able to be surpassed, there are styles of dances that, as they did, for example, a Daniel Leyva with the acrobatics or another acrobat or another gymnast arrives. or you won’t be able to overcome something like this … A flamenco like Amara La Negra, or a Spanish gypsy will come to you or you won’t be able to move your hands as she did and with the seasoning it had. There have been dances that have marked a lot and it is true that this season there have been good dances, but it is true that the other seasons between 3, 4, and 5 contestants had a much more level like there. This season I have seen a much more normal level and suddenly someone stands out, that is what has happened, so it is not true either they have risked so much in terms of acrobatics, in terms of figures and others, but they have given a show, they have continued to give a good show, there has been a very good decoration, which they have fed like that show and the truth is that to me, it is not that I liked that there is no audience, because whenever there is the audience fills you, but the fact of being in the VIP area, watching it live, almost close to the track, has been like a novelty that I liked a lot.

– It is no secret that the public asks that you be a jury, why at this point Toni is not a jury of ‘Mira Quien Baila’? Would you like it?
Toni Costa: Well, there is like a conflict of mine inside, because on the one hand yes, I would love to be on the jury in ‘Mira Quien Baila’, it is not a decision that I have in my hand, but on the contrary, the production wherever I want to locate, is the place where they consider that I can give my best because I will be there giving the best that I have. Yes, it is true that as a mentor I have had a great time, but very well, I liked it a lot, because apart from that I do not limit myself to being only a mentor in the rehearsal during the week, but I also go to the show to give another facet, that I have discovered that I like, which is as a co-presenter, but it gives me that variety in myself, you know how to be giving the dance tips, helping the contestants during the week, and also then dressing beautifully on show days and being as a microphone in hand like doing those integrations … Do you know what would be the perfect of the perfect? That he was a judge and a mentor at the same time, that would be perfect, let’s remember Potty, he did it. Let the production rethink it and let them tell me where I have to be in the next few years if it has to be God willing, and I will be there giving my best.

-‘Mira Quien Baila ‘has covered a lot in your life, in every way, what does this reality mean for you?
Toni Costa: ‘Look Who Dances’ since I was 21 years old it has been part of my life, my family, my friendships, my experiences, experiences, growth, it is everything, it is everything to me, it has been everything professionally, because I have been in Spain for 8 seasons, on Spanish Television with Potty, after he brought me here and continue adding seasons, experiences, other paths, other doors open, others close … It has been a personal growth already everyone sees that I spent 21 years in my first ‘Mira Quien Baila’, to this day with 37, with a daughter who is 6 years old and with Adamarí López, who I met on reality TV… It has been all good, it has been work, it has been growing and it has therefore been satisfaction and happiness for my work.



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