Tonight Nick Warren returns to Posadas with an unmissable show at UMMA

The wait is over, tonight the doors of UMMA (Av. Maipú 2260) will open to receive the DJ, English house music producer Nick Warren, the date that begins the cycle of electronic music, proposed by the production company “2MGruop”, commanded by the DJ and producer Flavio Bogado. You can get the tickets here.

Nick Warren returns to Posadas

It is an event only for people over 18 years of age and in which the health pass and the DNI will be required. In addition, when you buy the ticket they enable you a QR code to enter.

thing not to believe Nick Warren returns to Posadas

Soon it will be two years since the last time 2MGruop put together the last date of the sunset cycle, precisely with the presence of Nick Warren. From that Sunday, February 16, 2020, two years have passed since this meeting on the Paraná River, time has rearranged the cards so that the restart of the electronic music cycle is once again with the English DJ and producer. An omen? Déjà vu? A blessing? We don’t know, what we do know is that the back to back of Nicolás Ruiz & Ernesto Tosh will be for renting balconies.

Since the beginning of this hot week, the production has been working on every detail, both technically and visually, and above all for the comfort of the public. The assembly of stage, lights and screens began on Tuesday morning. It is that the presence of a DJ like Warren deserves.

For the convenience and comfort of the public, for this first date the space was reconditioned to alleviate the high temperatures that have been plaguing the province. With the incorporation of one more batch of air conditioners, plus the modification of the bar in the cabin sector, to this is added the assembly of a bar in an island format that is located in a sector of the track, simulating a green lung . Details that make this first day memorable.

The cycle will continue on February 11 with the presence of the Israeli record producer “Guy J”. With the “early bird” sold out, less than a month after their performance, the second date of the cycle generates expectations within the environment.

A place to measure Nick Warren returns to Posadas

After the successful and memorable Electronic Sunset cycle of The Adventure, on the banks of the Paraná River, the production company was shaping up to continue the year with a string of events in that format, but 2020 had other plans.

With the arrival of the Pandemic, the rules of the game changed for society and especially for the entertainment industry sector. It is true that electronic music events are even more enjoyable if they are held outdoors; Taking this and other demands into account, the production company has a strategic plan within Umma to contain the most adept of tray music.

Although the venue located on Av. Maipú has to its credit an extensive list of performances by national and international artists and the entire local crew, for his mentor, Flavio Bogado “Umma is the fruit of the experiences of the past combined with the demand of the public that adjust to the new entertainment formats”; and he adds “Since we are installed in this place, each event, each date with 2MGroup we try to make this place a different experience.

These are some of the DJs who have played in the electronic club: Guy Mantzur, Stefano Noferini, Dosem, Cid Inc, Kaiserdisco, Darin Epsilom, Dmitry Molosh, Betoko, Dj Marky, Festa Bros, Nacho Casco, Dj Ceratti, Bad Boy Orange, Marcelo Vasami, Jimmy Van M, Alex MORPH Renato Cohen, Anderson Noise, Soundexile, Jay de Lys, Muter, Taboada, Victoria Engel, among many others.

Inputs, protocols and other suggestions

Tickets will be available on the platform today at noon, then they can be obtained at:

Throughout the day until before the opening at Pitter 24 Express – February 3, 2095.

Starting at 5:00 p.m. at the UMMA ticket office – Av. Maipú 2260.

Set time

22:00: Open doors

22:00 to 01:00: Nicolás Ruiz & Ernesto Tosh

01:00 to 06:00: Nick Warren

This Saturday the accordionist Raúl Barboza will be at the Parque Temático de la Cruz de Santa Ana giving a master class and presenting his documentary on the red land

Nick Warren returns to Posadas

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