Tonight on Italia 1 Radio Norba Cornetto Battiti Live Compilation, a tribute to a record summer

Among the guests: Marco Mengoni, Elodie, Negramaro, Madame, Fedez, Annalisa, Article 31, Georgia, Nuclear Tactical Penguins, The Kolors, Tananai, Achille Lauro, Irama, Rkomi, Anna, Ava and Kaplaza, Boumdabash.

Radio Norba Cornetto Battiti Live returns to television, on Italia 1, in prime time with a special edition of “Compilation” after an extraordinary television success recorded between July and August, with an average share of about 18% active and a total number of 7 million. viewers per evening. The Radio Norba show broke all audience records, among other things establishing itself (by 4 episodes) as the most watched prime time program in Italy. Not only that, four episodes of Battiti Live rank in the top four spots in the top ten of PT Italia 1’s share for all of 2023. Incredible numbers confirming the huge success of the Radio Norba program, also on social media. networks.
Days after schools reopen and everyone finally returns from vacation, the umbrellas close, but the summer 2023 soundtrack echoes again with: Fedez, Marco Mengoni, Nuclear Tactical Penguins, The Kolors, Annalisa, Article 31, Elodie, Tananai, Achille Lauro, Negramaro, Georgia, Irama, Baby K, Emma, ​​Rkomi, Bumdabash, Elettra Lamborghini, Rosa Chemical, Rose Villain, Alpha, Annalize, Article 31, Sophie and the Giants, Angelina Mango, Paola and Chiara, Rocco Hunt, Ava, Anna, Capo Plaza, Fred De Palma, Ana Mena, Francesco Gabbani, Tony Effe, Mr. Rain, Fabio Rovazzi, Orietta Berti, Claude, Madame, Colapese Dimartino, Sangiovanni, Ariete, Rove, Matteo Paolillo, Guernia i Bresh, Ciccio Merolla, Aaron, Gabry Ponte.
As always, you can follow the event on Radio Norba’s social networks using the #battitilive hashtag. More information at

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