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About Raiuno, Alberto Angela’s program, Noos. On Canale 5 variety show with Michelle Hunziker, Michelle Impossible and Friends.

Tonight on TV Thursday, August 3, 2023. Up Reiterdocumentary about Franco Battiato, Courage to be Frank. On Network 4movie Deja vu – a race against timeWith Denzel Washington.

Noos, 27 July.

Tonight on TV Thursday 3 August 2023 Rai

On Rayunoat 21.25, Nus. The first release of the new program ends Alberto Angelaheir”superquarks“. Even today, in a space devoted to science, young people Juliana Galati (graduated in nuclear physics) e Roger Rollini (chemist) explain various phenomena with easy-to-understand experiments.

On Raiduat 21.20 the new season of the show Task Force Cobra 11. Title of today’s episode:Uncompromising“. Semir (Erdogan Atalay) and Vicki work together with colleagues from the Belgian police: they must defeat a criminal organization that kidnaps people by transporting them inside containers. Vicki, a kidney transplant survivor, accepts her new assignment without much apprehension.

On Reiterat 21.20, documentary 2022, Courage to be honestWith Franco Battiato. Let’s look at a documentary made a year after death Franco Battiato (1945-2021). With the voice of the narrator Alexander Precious and cooperation Christinanephew beatFilm about Angelo Bozzolini offers an unpublished portrait of one of the most revolutionary authors of Italian music.

On Paradise 5at 21.15, program visions. Compilation of the show of the 66th edition Festival of Two Worlds Spoleto, which took place from June to July under the artistic direction Monique Here. A rich program including music, theatre, dance, visual arts and scientific debate.

Mediaset, La7, Real-time programs

On Channel 5at 21.20, variety show Michel Impossible and friends. Let’s take a look at the second episode of the show with Michelle Hunziker broadcast in February. Visiting this first evening ex-husband Eros Ramazzotti and daughter Aurorawho on March 30 made them the baby’s grandparents Caesar. Moreover, Loredana Berte, Alessandro Siani, Nina Zilli, Max Pezzali AND Andrea Pucci.

On A7at 20.35, news from On air summer. This is a hot summer from a climatic point of view, as well as due to the political and social tensions that have characterized the past few weeks. Luca Telese AND Marianne April stimulate discussion with guests in the studio.

On in real timeat 21.30, documentary reality sick clean. Winnie AND Deniz they visit an 18th-century Georgian house. They live there Tiggy and her cat Toby. Hailey AND DamageInstead, they want to clean up a 17th century house in North Wales. Cornelia he lives there with his twelve cats.

Today’s Movies, Thursday, August 3, 2023

On Network 4thriller 2006, director Tony Scott, Deja vu – a race against timeWith Denzel Washington, Val Kilmer. Residents of New Orleans. Federal Agent Doug CarlinDenzel Washington) is called to the site of the explosion. A persistent sense of deja vu guides him in the investigation. A mysterious thread leading him on the trail of a woman with whom he was connected in the past hides the key to solving the case.

On 20 Mediasetat 21.05, fantasy film 2014, author Jonathan Liebesman, Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesWith Megan Fox. New York is terrorized by the evil Shredder. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo and Donatello, along with reporter April, try to thwart his dark plans.

On Irisat 21.00, 2010 spy film, author John Madden, DutyWith Jessica Chastain, Sam Worthington. 1965: Rachel David and Stefan are three Mossad agents charged with capturing a former Nazi criminal. The mission failed, but the official version is different.

On 5at 21.10, 2012 drama film, author Stephen Chbosky, We are endlessWith Logan Lerman. Charlie is a shy and insecure boy who watches the world around him from the sidelines. But when he meets the beautiful Sam and her half-brother Patrick, everything changes.

On Cinema34at 21.00, comedy 2011, author Paul Genuez, ImmatureWith Luke Strange, Amber Angiolini. Forced by confusion to retake their high school diploma, a group of old classmates meet again twenty years later to study together. All with their own problems that need to be solved.

Tonight on TV, Thursday, August 3rd, Movies on Sky

On Sky Cinema Twoat 21.15, 2004 drama film, author Clint Eastwood, Million dollars BabyWith Clint Eastwood, Hilary Swank. Frankie is an elderly owner of a boxing gym. After a thousand insistent demands, the young waitress convinces him to train her. She will be like a daughter to him.

On Sky Cinema familyat 21.00, 2007 comedy, author Fred Savage, Camping DadWith Cuba Gooding Jr.. Charlie and Phil decide to set up camp. But their past experience threatens to ruin everything. Colonel Buck, Charlie’s father, comes to their aid.

On Action Sky Cinemaat 21.00, action movie 2014, author Patrick Hughes, Mercenaries 3With Sylvester Stallone. During another mission, Caesar is seriously injured. A frustrated Ross decides to complete the mission with a new and more technological group. Lee Hstmas and others do not fit.

On Sky Cinema Suspenseat 21.00, 2002 drama film, author Roger Michel, Hypothesis crimeWith Ben Affleck. Banek’s lawyer involves Doyle Gipson in an accident, causing him to be late to court where he had to face a lawsuit. Considering himself offended, Gipson decides to take revenge.

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