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Fiorello’s story is truly a different breed altogether.

Paradise 1 – 20:30.
The latest edition of Techetechetè, organized by Flavio Insinna, is dedicated to Rosario Fiorello, the king of variety. An opportunity to see the showman (who will return to Rai 2 with Viva Rai2 from November) in action, showcasing the best qualities of his career. A showman formidable in duets, from radio to San Remo, from “Tonight I’m Gonna Cry” to “The Greatest Show After the Weekend” to date.

The Last Duel
Channel 5 – 21.20
Ridley Scott’s film is inspired by a real event: the last duel that took place in France in the 14th century. Returning from the war, knight Jean de Carrouges (Matt Damon) discovers that his wife (Jodie Comer) has been raped by his friend Jacques Le Gris (Adam Driver). At the trial, the woman is not believed; her husband challenges the squire to a duel.

Prayer for Willy Monteiro
Paradise 3 – 22.10
On the night of September 5-6, 2020, the life of a 21-year-old young man originally from Cape Verde was tragically cut short in Colleferro. Willy Monteiro Duarte, killed by inhuman violence at the hands of the brothers Gabriele and Marco Bianchi, Marco Pincarelli and Francesco Belleggia. The documentary, written by Aurelio Picca and Massimo Razzi, traces this story with a wealth of evidence.

TV Guide Tonight September 8, 2023: Nights One and Two

Paradise 1
20:30 TECHETECHESHOW Long live Fiorello! Directed by Andrea Apuzzo. The main character of the last meeting of the program, hosted by Flavio Insinna, will be Rosario Fiorello, who will have to go through his beloved Sicily from Catania to Taormina.
23:30 Tg 1 Evening
23:35 Wonderful show by Modugno Alessandro Greco and Maria Cristina Soppa lead the way.

Paradise 2
21:20 NCIS With Mark Harmon, Lauren Holly, Sasha Alexander. The murder of a young Navy officer reveals a painful history that links Parker to his best friend and former FBI colleague Jeremy Brayton.
22.05 NCIS Hawaii Double fault. Vanessa Lachey, Jason Antoon, Yasmin Al Bustami, Tori Anderson, Kian Talan
22:55 NCIS Hawaii Imposter. Vanessa Lachey, Jason Antoon, Yasmin Al Bustami, Tori Anderson, Kian Talan
23:35 Total Summer Football Football

Paradise 3
20.10 DIAMOND LEAGUE BRUSSELS Live broadcast of Diamond League athletics competitions from Brussels.
22:00 Preview – Prayer for Willy Monteiro Antonio Di Bella presenter
22.10 Prayer for Willy Monteiro

Network 4
21:20 THIRD CLUE The program, hosted by Barbara De Rossi, examines news events that divide public opinion. In particular, we are talking about women who have been subjected to violence.
23:25 Lincoln Rhyme The Hunt Has Begun. Series

Channel 5
21:20 THE LAST DUEL Directed by Ridley Scott, 2021, Drama. The true story of the final legal duel between two knights who turned from great friends and comrades into enemies when one of them rapes the other’s wife.

Italy 1
21:20 Chicago PD Starring: Jesse Lee Soffer, Carmela Zumbado, Michael Gaston. Hayley contacts Lee, Jay’s informant, and meets with him. Lee is about to tell her something important when two men attack and kidnap them.
22:15 Chicago PD: New Life. Series
May 23 Chicago PD Best PlaceI. Jesse Lee Soffer, Carmela Zumbado, Michael Gaston
23:55 Law and Order: Organized Crime. The streets have eyes. Christopher Meloni, Daniel Monet Truitt, Ainsley Seiger

21:15 FEDERAL Directed by Luciano Salce, Ugo Tognazzi, Gianrico Tedeschi, Mireille Granelli, France/Italy, 1961, comedy. Abruzzo, 1944. The fascist becomes a hierarch at the last minute when fascism is about to collapse. He arrests an anti-fascist professor and transports him in his wheelchair.
23:20 Fever at 90° Directed by David Evans. With Colin Firth, Ruth Gemmell, Stephen Rea, Mark Strong, Lorraine Ashbourne (comedy, 1997)

Sky programming tonight 8 September 2023

Sky One
21:15 Alessandro Borghese – 4 restaurants (Art. 9 Ep. 1)
22:25 X Factor Stories (art. 1 ep. 3)

Sky Atlantic
21:15 Dominate (Art. 2 ep. 1, 2)
23:15 Dominate (Art. 2 ep. 1, 2)

Sky Cinema One
21:15 Former hunter. Andy Tennant with Jennifer Aniston
23.10 Long live Italy!. Massimiliano Bruno and Raoul Bova

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