Tonight on TV March 4, 2023, programs, Rai, Mediaset, Sky

On Raiuno, the talent The Voice Kids, hosted by Antonella Clerici. On Canale 5, the people show You’ve Got Mail, hosted by Maria De Filippi.

Tonight on TV Saturday March 4, 2023. Up Raitre, Sapiens, only one planetprogram hosted by Mario Tozzi. On Ninethe western movie For a Few Dollars Morewith Clint Eastwood.

Tonight on TV Saturday 4 March 2023, Rai

On Raiunoat 21.25, the talent The Voice Kids. After crowning the winner of the third edition of The Voice Senior, Antonella Clerici he makes his debut tonight at the helm of the version dedicated to young talents aged between 7 and 14. There are two episodes planned. At her side we find the coaches Loredana Berte, Gigi D’Alessio, Clementine hey Riches and Poors.

On Raitreat 21.45, the documentary Sapiens, only one planet. Mario Tozzi back to the Canaries, precisely to Tenerife, to talk about the great explorers. From here in fact, 300 years later Christopher Columbus the geographer left Alexander von Humboldt: his studies of ecosystems paved the way for Darwin and scientific research as we understand it today.

On Rai 5at 21.15, evening of prose: Pain under lock and key – Sik-Sik, the magic maker. A diptych directed by Charles Cecchi which brings together two one-act plays by Eduardo DeFilippo: “Pain below key” And “Sik-Sik”. In the cast, next to Charles CecchiThere are Angelica Hippolytus, Vincent Ferrera And Dario Iubatti.

Mediaset, Tv8, Real Time programmes

On Channel 5at 21.20, the people show You’ve Got Mail. The episode scheduled for February 25th and postponed after the death of Maurice Costanzo. From Charlize Theron to Renato Zeropassing through Charles Leclercalso this year the most loved stars did not hold back and gave great emotions to the protagonists of the stories told by Maria DeFilippi.

On Tv8at 21.30, Formula One: Bahrain GP – Qualifying. With a view to tomorrow’s race, qualifying for the first race of the 2023 World Championship is taking place on the Manama circuit, which will end on 26 November after 23 races. The driver to beat is the Dutchman max Verstappen on Red Bull.

On real-timeat 21.40, the docu-reality Dr Pimple Popper: Doctor Pimple Popper. Sandra Lee deals with Brittanywhich is defined as “monster” due to her genetic pathology: in fact, the woman has cocoons all over her body. Afterwards, the doctor treats the thick skin of Tamira.

Tonight’s movies Saturday March 4, 2023

On Rai 4at 21.20, the action film of 2019, by Antonin Baudry, Wolf Call – Threat above seawith Francois Civil. Chanteraide, sonar operator on a French submarine, recognizes any noise. But one day he makes a mistake and puts the crew at risk: he will try to recover.

On Network 4at 21.25, the 1981 comedy film, by Sergio Corbucci, Whoever finds a friend finds a treasurewith Terence Hill, Bud Spencer. Charlie O’Brian (Bud Spencer) sells jams, moving by boat from port to port. Her life becomes complicated when she discovers that Alan is on board (Terence Hill), a stowaway. The intruder, in fact, has the assassins of a criminal behind him. And things get worse when the two are shipwrecked.

On Italy 1at 21.20, the fantastic film of 2016, by Cedric Nicolas-Troyan, The hunter and the ice queenwith Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron. After being betrayed by her sister Ravenna (Charlize Theron), Freya (Emily Blunt) transforms into the Ice Queen and banishes love from her realm. But the hunter Eric (Chris Hemsworth) does not intend to give up his beloved Sara. Prequel to Snow White and the Ice Queen.

On A7at 21.15, the 1998 adventure film, by Randall Wallace, The Iron Maskwith Leonardo Dicaprio. France, 17th century. King Louis XIV rages on the people and keeps his twin brother in chains, imprisoned in the Bastille with a mask that hides his face. But soon…

Nine, Cine34

On Nineat 9.15 pm, the 1965 western film, by Sergio Leone, For a Few Dollars Morewith Clint Eastwood. The bounty hunter known as “the one-armed” hunts down a Mexican bandit nicknamed “Indium”, just escaped from prison. But he’s not the only one who wants to catch him.

On Cinema34at 21.15, the drama film of 2019, by Claudius Giovanninesi, The paranza of childrenwith Francis of Naples. Some fifteen-year-olds from the Sanità district of Naples, including Nicola, make their way onto the city’s criminal scene. They will know, at their expense, the fine line between good and evil.

Tonight on TV Saturday March 4, 2023 I hate summer

Tonight on TV Saturday 4 March 2023, films on Sky

On Sky Cinema Oneat 21.15, the comedy film of 2020, by Massimo Venier, I hate summerwith Aldo, John and James. Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo leave for a holiday in Puglia with their families. But due to a mistake, they will find themselves having to share the same house.

On Sky Cinema Twoat 21.15, the drama of 2022, by Oliver Hermanus, Livingwith Bill Nighy. London, 1952. Mr. Williams, head of a municipal office, discovers he is seriously ill. Thanks to the help of a young colleague, he decides to break the rules for a good purpose. Remake of “Live” Of Kurosawa.

On Sky Cinema Familyat 21.00, the 2005 animated film, by Eric Darnell, Tom McGrath, Madagascar. Alex the lion, Marty the zebra, Melman the giraffe and Gloria the hippopotamus live in the New York Zoo. But Marty wants to escape. Thus they end up on the island of Madagascar, in contact with wild life.

On Sky Cinema Suspenseat 21.00, the 2014 spy film, by Anton Corbijn, The spy – A most wanted manwith Philip Seymour Hoffman. Issa, an illegal immigrant of Russian-Chechen origin, arrives in Hamburg in the hope of a better future. Suspected of terrorism, however, he ends up in the crosshairs of the German secret services.

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