Tonight on TV March 5, 2023, programs, Rai, Mediaset, Sky

On Raiuno, two new episodes of the fiction Stay with me, with Francesco Arca. On Canale 5, the variety Lo show dei record, with Gerry Scotti.

Tonight on TV Sunday March 5, 2023. Up Raitrethe talk show What’s the weather likeconducted by Fabio Fazio. On Network 4current affairs with White areaprogram hosted by Joseph Brindisi.

Tonight on TV Sunday 5 March 2023, Rai

On Raiunoat 21.25, the drama Stay with me. Two new episodes. A woman threatens to throw herself off the roof of the Juvenile Court in front of Paola. Alexander (Francis Ark) and the colleagues manage to carry her to safety. That night, the deputy commissioner and his wife get back together and make love, but she regrets it a moment later. A car transporter full of vehicles is stolen from the port. In the security video, Alessandro recognizes the mysterious woman seen at the restaurant during the shooting among the criminals. Certain of the involvement of the thermal lance gang, the assistant commissioner hunts down the basist.

On Raitreat 20.00, the talk show What’s the weather like. You don’t change a winning team: a philosophy also shared by Fabio Faziowhich for many years can count on the contribution of Luciana Littizzetto And Philippa Lagerback. Also tonight in the lineup the interviews with the protagonists of current affairs and entertainment and, finally, the chat at the table.

Mediaset programmes

On Network 4at 21.20, the news with White area. With the sober but rigorous style that has always characterized it Joseph Brindisi tries to update viewers on the main current political and economic issues that attract the attention of public opinion. At his side are colleagues from the editorial staff and the numerous guests present in the studio.

On Channel 5at 21.20, the variety show The show of records. Records and curiosities in the great show hosted by Gerry Scotti. Between the studio and the outdoor set, men and women from all over the world are ready to challenge their limits to enter the Guinness Book of Records. The show continues to achieve good success, gaining a 16% share.

La7, Tv8, Nine

On A7at 21.15, the news with It’s not The Arena. With the usual polemical charge, Maximum Giletti deals with its commentators on the hottest topics of current affairs, from the economic concerns of Italians to the question and answer between the majority and the opposition.

On Tv8at 21.30, Formula One: Bahrain GP. The Formula One World Championship restarts from the Manama circuit in BahrAin. Since 2014 the race has been held at night. Last year the Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc he crossed the finish line first in front of his teammate Carlos Sainz it’s at Lewis Hamilton.

On Nineat 21.25, the reality show Wife change. The new season of the entertaining format has kicked off in which two mothers of families swap places for a week, thus putting themselves to the test in a family and social context different from their own. Eight episodes planned.

The films of tonight Sunday 5 March 2023

On Rai Movieat 21.10, the 1968 western film, by Joseph Cozzi, The four of the Ave Mariawith Terence Hill. A bandit scams two gunslingers who immediately set out on his trail. He is caught, but then all together they decide to put aside their grudges to devote themselves to a new business.

On Italy 1at 21.20, the 2016 spy film, by Paul Greengrass, Jason Bournewith Matt Damon. After discovering his true identity, Jason (Matt Damon) disappears into thin air. Ten years later, Bourne lives in a small village in Greece where he earns a living by participating in clandestine boxing matches. But the activation of a new secret program will force him back into action.

On 20 Mediasetat 21.05, the fantastic film of 2005, by J. McTeigue, V for Vendettawith Natalie Portman, Hugo Weaving. In an England that escaped nuclear war and oppressed by a ferocious dictatorship, a young girl allies herself with a masked hero who is fighting for freedom and justice.

On Irisinstead, at 21.00, the historical film of 2018, by Josie Rourke, Mary Queen of Scotswith Saoirse Ronan. Mary of Scots, Queen of France at 16 and widowed at 18, defies political pressure to rest. Instead, she decides to return to Scotland and take back her rightful throne.

On Cinema34at 21.00, the 1975 comedy film, by Luciano Salce, Fantozziwith Paul Village, Liu Bosisio. The tragicomic adventures of the accountant Ugo Fantozzi, who leads a depressing existence, divided as he is between a squalid family environment and a professional life full of humiliations.

Tonight on TV Sunday March 5 movie

Tonight on TV Sunday 5 March 2023, films on Sky

On Sky Cinema Oneat 21.15, the 2018 thriller film, by Jaume Collet-Serra, The man on the train – The commuterwith Liam Neeson. Just fired, the mild-mannered commuter Michael meets a woman on the train who offers him a challenge: he will receive a large sum if he finds a certain Prynne among the passengers.

On Sky Cinema Twohowever, at 21.15, the 1998 comedy film, by Joel Coen, The Big Lebowskiwith Jeff Bridges, John Goodman. Jeffrey Lebowski, unemployed with a passion for bowling, is hired by a billionaire of his same name to deliver the ransom demanded to free his young wife.

On Sky Cinema Familyat 21.00, the fantastic film of 2022, by Ludovico DiMartino, The travelerswith Fabio Bizarre, Matthew Schiavone, Andreagaia Widerk. Max and his friends are looking for the brother of one of them, who disappeared under unclear circumstances. But they find a machine that catapults them in 1939, in the middle of the fascist era, in Rome.

On Sky Cinema Actionat 21.00, the fantastic film of 2019, by Michael Dougherty, Godzilla II – King of the Monsterswith Vera Farmiga. Monarch scientists, led by paleontologist Emma Russell, have awakened a three-headed dragon, Ghidorah. Godzilla emerges from the ocean to confront him.

On Sky Cinema Suspensefinally, at 21.00, the 2006 drama film, by Tom Tywer, Perfume – Story of a murdererwith Ben Whishaw. Paris, 1744: Grenoulle was born with an exceptional sense of smell. An apprentice perfumer, he is obsessed with being able to distill the essence of women. But to do that he will have to kill them.

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