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Don’t you know when it’s too late to leave home? If you like adventure and action stories, you can’t miss this classic 2001 film that introduces Dwayne Johnson as the iconic villain.

More than two decades have passed since we became acquainted with history Mother, the film that made us wish we could go back in time to experience a fearless adventure with Rick O’Connell (Brendan Fraser) and Evelyn Carnahan (Rachel Weiss). The first chapter of what would later become a trilogy is still considered one of the productions that most vividly reflected the childhood of many viewers, most notably featuring an actor who had seen them in projects such as George de la Selva.

Bet on great success in the table and public reception, Two years later he would get back-to-back titles. Momiya regresses. This time the Oscar winner will not only return WHALE and nominated for Best Actress in the Porn Division. Most lovely, until we were introduced to a villain who continued to evoke a variety of emotions until the very end. Long before we saw him coming to Toretto in the saga of Fast and Furious“La Roca” became a fierce warrior in the desert of the Antigua era.

Considering I had a long list, hard belt Stephen Sommers It was heavily criticized for its computer-generated execution.. This prize has actually been removed. Flashat the beginning of the new millennium, those who received the jewel from the Persians had visual effects Momiya regresses. Time passes, and some of his scenes are preserved as the butt of jokes and material for memes; Of course, the results were not the best, but starting from this moment a new film saga will unfold with El Rey Escorpio.

Where do you see “La Momia Regresa” on outdoor television?

You, years after the success of the first film, Let’s follow the story of Rick and Evelyn in 1933 when they had a baby boy named Alex., but they accidentally discovered a girl with a peculiar chest, which contained an Anubis bracelet, which in the past belonged to King Escorpion (Dwayne Johnson). If you are a fan of ancestors, multi-thousand-year-old gods and all the adventures in incredible places, then you cannot miss the second film of the saga, which will be broadcast on open television so late.

To make sure you get the most out of your free plan and want to enjoy it Momiya regresses during your rest time, You can catch it on Tuesday 26 September on Channel 5 at 5.30pm. Also starring Patricia Velazquez as Mila and Arnold Vosloo as the iconic Imhtep, this adventure will return to your TVs to accompany your latest adventure, although it’ll be better if you don’t pay so much attention to the terrible CGI.

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