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Gassmann is my favorite teacher

Paradise Premium – 21.20
Reruns of the Alessandro D’Alatri series arrive with Alessandro Gassmann as Dante Balestra, a professor of philosophy who returns to Rome after years of absence to care for his son Simone. Charming and unconventional, he enters the Leonardo da Vinci High School class, where he applies his non-conformist teaching method and develops a special relationship with his students, including Simone. But his demeanor soon leads to the fact that personal life is mixed with professional. Cast Claudia Pandolfi, Nicolas Maupas, Damiano Gavino.

american hustle
La7 – 23:30
In the late seventies, the FBI decides to organize the Abscam operation to investigate corruption in the US Congress. In order to catch some of the participants, federal agent Bradley Cooper makes a deal with two crooks (Christian Bale and Amy Adams). In exchange for a trial period, he creates a fictitious company and presents himself to politicians as a representative of a sheik who has decided to get licenses to invest in Atlantic City casinos for bribes. The operation continues, but the arrival of his wife (Jennifer Lawrence) changes plans.

Chicago Police
Italy 1 – 21.20
The episode of Long Lost revolves around the character of Kevin Atwater (Laroyce Hawkins). The team guards the funeral of the former head of G-Park. Also among those present is Lew, Kevin’s father. The ceremony is interrupted by shooting: the victim is one of the candidates for the boss. Intelligence knows nothing, but Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati), while analyzing security footage, finds a picture of Lew: she saw who fired, and leaves the ceremony. Atwater confronts his father, interrogates him, and forces him to act as a decoy.

TV Guide Tonight August 4, 2023: First and Second Evening

Paradise 1
21.25 I DREAM AND I WAKE Directed by Celeste Laudizio. The most exciting episodes of the Massimo Ranieri show are repeated again, where the story is told between poetry, music and tributes, accompanied by great guests.
23:55 tg 1 pm

Paradise 2
21.20 PROFESSOR T Ben Miller, Emma Naomi, Stuart Campbell. Suicidal activist Dr. Hill is found dead in her home with her husband and two children. Professor T will be able to shed light on this matter.
May 22 Professor T. Killer DNA. TV show
10.23 Total Summer Football Football

Paradise 3
21.20 KEEP ABOVE Directed by Ted Post with Clint Eastwood, Inger Stevens, Pat Hingle, USA 1968 Western Jed Cooper sentenced to hang for buying stolen cattle. As a last resort, he is saved by Judge Fenton, for which he begins to fulfill the role of sheriff.
23.20 Oil Hosted by Duilio Giammaria

Network 4
21.20 THIRD CLUE Through reenactments and interviews, Barbara De Rossi talks about numerous cases of crimes that often involve women.

Channel 5
21:20GIRL AND OFFICER Seyit, accompanied by Peter, returns to the Sheriff Hotel, where he is warmly welcomed by everyone. Unfortunately, our protagonist faces a dire situation…
22.15 girl and officer
May 23 girl and officer

Italy 1
21.20 Chicago Police Jessie Lee Soffer, Carmela Zumbado, Michael Gaston An ambush at a funeral forces the team to search for the killers. Atwater turns to someone from his past for help.
22.15 Chicago Police I can let you go TV show

21.15 BABY BOOM Directed by Charles Shyer with Diane Keaton, James Spader, Sam Shepard, USA 1987, Comedy. After the sudden death of her cousin, JC Wyatt, a career woman, has to take care of her little niece. His life is literally turned upside down.
23.15 Annie and me Directed by Woody Allen. With Paul Simon, Carol Kane, Shelley Duvall (comedy, 1977)

Sky Programming Tonight August 4th

Sky One
May 20 Alessandro Borghese 4 summer restaurants (v. 3 ep. 5)
21.15 100% Italian special offer (v. 1 ep. 3)
23:30 dream for rent (v. 4 eps. 4, 3)

sky atlantic
21.15 Spartacus (v. 3 eps 9, 10)
23.15 The final boss of King’s Cross (v. 1 eps. 3, 4)

Sky Cinema One
21.15 woman king. G. Prince-Bythewood, with W. Davis
23:35 Bourne Supremacy. Paul Greengrass, Matt Damon

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