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Cortellesi fights prejudice

Sorry if I exist!
Paradise 1 – 21.25
In Riccardo Milani’s comedy, Paola Cortellesi is a talented architect. After many professional successes abroad, he returns to Italy. In search of work, he decides to pass himself off as a man… In the meantime, he meets Raul Bova, handsome and charming, the perfect companion. He’s gay, they team up. Starring Marco Bocci, Lunetta Savino.

Imperial Club
A5 – 10.23
Professor Kevin Kline teaches history at the prestigious St. Benedict College in Virginia: rebel Emile Hirsch, the son of a senator, comes to class. When he calms down, the professor rewards him by including him among the finalists of the test for the title of the best student in Roman history. The boy cheats, and 25 years later, at a meeting of classmates, he cheats again. And he announces that he will be involved in politics.

Revenge of the losers
Paradise 3 – 21.10
Olivia Wilde, in her directorial debut, stars in a teen comedy that tells the story of two high school friends, Molly and Amy (Bini Feldstein and Caitlin Dever). When they realize on the eve of graduation that they were just model students and never really had fun, they decide to catch up. A night of madness and high awaits them.

TV Guide Tonight August 30, 2023: First and Second Evening

Paradise 1
21.25 SORRY IF IT EXISTS! Directed by Riccardo Milani with Raul Bova, Paola Cortellesi, Marco Bocci, Italy 2014, comedy. Having achieved success and satisfaction abroad, the architect Serena Bruno returns to Italy, driven by love for her country. However, it seems impossible to find a job here.
23.20 Tg 1 Evening
23.25 Land Roads – Malaysia Filippo and Beppe Tenti are in the lead.

Paradise 2
21.20 THE DARK SIDE OF MY FAMILY Directed by Nina Wolfrum, Torben Liebrecht, Maria Simon, Julia Box. Vivi tries not to lose custody of the brothers, who risk being in two different families. Through flashbacks, we learn how Peter’s father died.
23.00 Confused
23:30 Confused Perfect Man
23:50 Concert by Davide Van De Sfroos

Paradise 3
21.20 REVENGE FOR CHALLENGES Directed by Olivia Wilde with Caitlin Dever, Beanie Feldstein, Jessica Williams, USA 2019, comedy. On the eve of graduation, two friends realize that they should have worked less and enjoyed life more. So they try to recover overnight.
10.23 Tg 3 Summer night line
23:40 Weather 3 Weather Forecast
23:45 The Secret of the Crooked House Directed by J. Paquet-Brenner. With Glenn Close, Max Irons, Stephanie Martini (drama, 2017)

Network 4
21.20 WHITE ZONE Current events and in-depth talk show hosted by journalist Giuseppe Brindisi. In the foreground are the most pressing issues.

Channel 5
21.20 FOR PARADISE With Chris Marshall, Sally Bretton, Zahra Ahmadi. A priceless painting of controversial provenance ignites the souls of the people of Shipton Abbott: years later, the painting returns to the city.
22:45 beyond paradise TV show

Italy 1
21.20 VANGUARD SPECIAL AGENTS Directed by Stanley Tong with Jackie Chan, Yang Yang, Long Ai, 2020, Action. Maasim, the head of a terrorist group, forces Qin Guoli, a Chinese financier in the UK, to work for him with the task of raising capital for his projects.
Inside: 22:50. Tgcom24 Latest News; 22:55
23.20 Man Tai Chi Directed by Keanu Reeves. With Tiger Hu Chen, Keanu Reeves, Karen Mok (action movie, 2013)

21.15 GIOVANNA D’ARCO Directed by Luc Besson with Milla Jovovich, Dustin Hoffman, John Malkovich, France 1999, Drama. During the Hundred Years’ War, Joan of Arc, already an eighteen-year-old legend, manages to overcome the lines of the English enemy and reach Charles VII, Dauphin of France, in Chinon.

Heavenly Programming Tonight, August 30, 2023

Sky One
21.15 Radio Zeta Future Hits Live 2023 Verona

Sky Atlantic
21.15 The third day

Sky Cinema One
21.15 Guardians of fate. George Nolfi, Matt Damon
May 23 Meet your husband’s relatives

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