Tonight Saturday, August 26, 2023 on TV between movies, series and shows.

It’s the last weekend of August 2023 and all TV broadcasts will start soon to keep us company until the end of the following months. Meanwhile, Italian television is giving its viewers the opportunity to choose what to watch between series, movies and shows this evening. Saturday, August 26, 2023.

What to watch on TV tonight August 26, 2023: a few tips

On Rai 1, primetime reruns of the Loretta Goggi Women’s Show continue: blessed spring where the Italian television artist looks back on his career, performing the most iconic songs of his repertoire, inviting some of his friends known to the general public. In particular, the episode aired on March 24, 2023.

However, on Rai 2 World Championships in Athletics Budapest 2023 which witnessed the triumph of Gianmarco Tamberi, captain of the Italian national team. Commentary by Franco Bragnana, technical commentary by Stefano Tilly and Guido Alessandrini, as well as from the studio of Luca di Biella with an interview by Elisabetta Caporale are broadcast from Hungary. Then there will be the Women’s Eurowall, where the Italian team will have to give it their all because of the direct tests inside and out, starting with today’s match in Florence between Italy and Spain.

On Rai 3, Agent 117’s adventures continue and the film will air tonight. Agent 117 in the Service of the Republic – Red Alert in Black Africa, the third chapter of the saga, dedicated to the character played by Jean Dujardin. In this film, Hubert Bonisseur de la Bathe is no longer the young agent he once was, and in 1981, the year the film is set, Bonisseur finds himself where Special Agent 1001 joins him on a mission to Kenya, where he is. dictator supported by the French government.

Rete 4 offers the cult film of Italian cinema. When I grow up, with Renato Pozzetto, 1987 The story is about Marco, an 8 year old boy who feels neglected by his parents and is in love with his teacher. Out of a desire to break out of a child’s life and be able to conquer his teacher, he expresses a desire to become an adult and suddenly finds himself in the body of a 40-year-old, becoming an excellent babysitter until the last twist. . It was released six months after its theatrical release. Big with Tom Hanks, a film with a very similar plot, considered an American remake When I grow up though never declared as such. In 2023, a film by Fausto Brizzi was released. From the Greatwhich is a reboot of the famous movie from the 80s, in which the main characters, however, are four children instead of one.

Channel 5 continues to broadcast about problems Guinness – Show of Recordsdirected by Jerry Scotty. The 2015 film is broadcast on Italia 1. Storm – against all rules, film adaptation of the novel “The Tempest – Return to Kaltenbach” by Carola Wimmer. Windstorm the stallion and Micah return to the film and decide to enter the equestrian tournament to win the raffled amount of money. However, Ostwind runs away into the forest, and Micah meets the gray mare and the boy Milan.

In prime time on Saturday, August 26, 2023, Tv8 will broadcast Formula 1 with qualifying competitions. Dutch Grand Prix and in NOVE, in an in-depth program, we will focus on the story of the assassination of Desiree Piovarelli, which took place 18 years ago. The Herd – The Murder of Desiree Piovanelli.

Paradise 4 will combine the art of magic with survival thanks to the film Agility – Magic a very bizarre crime film with magical elements, in which the main character is a teenager Bo, who becomes the sole guardian of his younger sister Tina. Thanks to his talent as a magician, he will use this art for petty criminal activities, working for Angelo, a famous drug dealer. But thanks to Holly Bo decides to change direction and this does not please Angelo at all. Directed by JD Dillard, with Jacob Latimore and Seychelle Gabriel.

The magic continues on Rai 5, where Raul Cremona will bring the audience into the show. Focus is very pocus, surrounded by masters Lele Miko and Felipe. The show, which combines music, magic and comedy, was recorded at the Teatro Petrella in Longiano, in the province of Forlì-Cesena.

TwentySeven will also broadcast a film related to the world of magic. It’s about Magic in the moonlight Woody Allen with Colin Firth and Emma Stone, who sees an English magician being asked to expose a possible scam by a mysterious medium.

Rai Movie will broadcast the film with Claudio Bisio as Giuseppe Garibaldi, aka Peppino, the namesake of a famous Italian patriot who is mistakenly elected President of the Italian Republic and, despite his lack of political experience, accepts the appointment. surprised at what he can do. AND’ Welcome Presidentwith Kasia Smutniak as Deputy General Secretary Janis Clementi.

At Rai Storia at 22.40 after the movie. filter with Monica Vitti and Jean-Luc Bidault a documentary will be screened stone river Giovanni Donfrancesco, who talks about the existence of an underground river in Vermont, connecting the cities of Carrara and Barra.

Toddlers can tune in to Rai YoYo from 8:25 pm to watch Maya the Bee – Movie A 2014 film directed by Alex Staderman in which Maya, a living little bee, is accused along with hornets of stealing royal jelly from a beehive. Together with his best friend Willie Maya will have to prove his innocence and find out how things really were.

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