Tonight Saturday, September 2, 2023 on TV between movies, series and shows.

The first Saturday of September 2023 has arrived and in anticipation of the new shows of the 2023/2024 TV season that will start appearing on Italian TV, the main channels, tonight on TV. Saturday, September 2, 2023 Offering a varied selection between movies, shows and more.

What to watch on TV tonight on Saturday, September 2, 2023 on the main TV channels

Paradise 1 continue the meeting with reruns of the one woman show blessed spring in which Loretta Goggi is the protagonist trying out her most famous songs and reminiscing about her greatest television successes while hosting her closest friends from the entertainment world. Goggi will again be a member of the jury of the next edition This and what showbecoming the only one to have been present on all episodes since the show’s debut.

On Paradise 2the third and final part of the German mini-series to air. The Dark Side of My Family (“Dear Vivi”). Tonight, family secrets begin to unravel, and the truth about Anna’s motive that Peter killed her becomes clearer. Nina Wolfrum directed the series written by Natalie Scharf and starring Torben Liebrecht, Julia Box, Maria Simon, Vico Magno, Ulrich Tukur, Julius Nichkoff. Right after that on Rai1 at 23.00 live Live Davide Van De Sfroes 2022 recorded at the Teatro San Rocco in Seregno on December 9, 2022, where the last leg of the Maader Tour took place, where we can relive the most significant songs of the thirty-year career of Davide Van De Sfroos. The special release is a month and a half ahead of the release of the artist’s new unreleased album, Manoglia, which is scheduled for release on October 13, 2023.

Paradise 3 offers One hundred days in Palermo, a 1984 film directed by Giuseppe Ferrara that chronicles the period when General Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa was prefect of Palermo, before the attack. The film’s cast includes Juliana De Sio, Lino Ventura, Lino Troisi, Arnoldo Foa and Stefano Satta Flores.

Network 4 dedicate the evening to two Italian films. On air in prime time Love is forever as long as it lasts, a bitter comedy by Carlo Verdone with Laura Morante, in which the director plays Gilberto, a man who meets Stella on a speed date. However, the next day, the woman disappears and the man becomes one of the first suspects. However, this reveals his infidelity to Tiziana, his wife, and she immediately asks for a divorce. Not knowing where to stay, Gilberto seeks asylum from his friend Andrea, who lives with his girlfriend Carlotta. During this period, Gilberto discovers that his wife Tiziana is having an extramarital affair with the family doctor and thus starts a sentimental war. After that, late in the evening, one of the most iconic films starring Lino Banfi will be screened: Come on, cretinin which the Apulian actor plays an ex-prisoner who, after being released from Regina Coeli, does everything to find a job, but his every attempt turns into a disaster.

Channel 5 dedicates his evening to music with a concert by one of the most popular Italian music artists, 070, Recorded in 2022 at the Circus Maximus in Rome, not only the main character Renato Zero took the stage, but also a host of guests ready to entertain the audience.

Italy 1 continues programming the Windstorm saga with Windstorm 3 – Back to Basics where the protagonist Mika goes on a journey to Andalusia, the place of the Storm’s descent, and here he learns of the existence of a very charming woman who lives with many wild horses in a place considered legendary, which will prove to be decisive for their salvation.

On TV8 on the air lambs, television special about the legendary industrialist Giovanni Agnelli, full of testimonials from family members, lovers, confidants and professional rivals.

NINE dedicate the evening to Italian news with Countess – Crime of Olgiata and on the 20th the film will be broadcast Wild Wild West1999 comedy starring Will Smith and Kevin Kline as two heroes intent on rescuing the President of the United States of America, who is in grave danger because Dr. Arliss is trying to kill him.

What’s on other networks…

On Paradise 4the film aired Into the storma 2012 disaster film in which the entire city of Silverton is devastated by tornadoes and falls victim to irregular and deadly cyclones, but scientists foresee something even worse than what happened.

Paradise 5 makes room for Metaphysical and half… it sucks Raul Cremona’s show, where he brings to life a number of entertaining characters from his repertoire, including the grotesque and vulgar Mago Oronzo.

On Paradise Filmis waiting for you monster family, film by Volfango di Blasi, 2021 with Emanuela Rey, Cristiano Caccamo, Lucia Okone, Pasquale Petrolo, Pippo Franco and Massimo Ghini. In the story, Adalberto introduces his pregnant girlfriend, Luna, to his monstrous family, consisting of a vampire father, a witch mother, a ghost grandmother, and a zombie uncle.

For those who really want to see something scary, go Italy 2 cult movie aired exorcist, from 1973, and relive the story of a young Reagan who begins to act rather strangely. That is why his mother, having turned to the best specialists in the field of psychology, follows the advice given to her and turns to an exorcist. This film is one of the most popular in the horror genre and after 50 years is a direct sequel to this film called Exorcist – Believer.

As for the plot, it is being broadcast on Rai Storia instead open doors, where we see the 1937 trial in Palermo against Tommaso Scalia, the scapegoat for embezzlement at the Palazzo della Confederation, who murdered his former boss, lawyer Spadafora Vincenzo, and his deputy, special accountant Antonio, in order to then rape and execute his wife a blow to the head. Follow the cycle late at night Author’s documentarieswe found Paolo Conte, “Come with me”. Presented by the narrative voice of Luca Zingaretti, this is an intimate interview by Giorgio Verdelli with Paolo Conte, in which the viewer will discover the world of Paolo Conte through characters, songs and vicissitudes. Inside are footage taken during his concerts at the Baths of Caracalla in Rome, at the Teatro San Carlo in Naples and at the Olympia Theater in Paris. In addition, everything is enriched with interviews and testimonies of the outstanding personalities of the Italian show, such as: Roberto Benigni, Vinicio Capossela, Francesco De Gregori, Pupi Avati, Luisa Ranieri, Renzo Arbore and many others.

For the little ones and for everyone who wants to spend an evening in a fantasy world, Rai Gulp offers a Danish animated film. Dreambuilders – Dream Factory where we find the main character Mina, a girl who too often uses her ability to create and control the dreams of others to annoy her cutesy stepsister.

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